8 Activities in Fuerteventura to make the most of the island

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A planet from another galaxy. A paradisiacal island, straight out of a Bond movie. A Biosphere Reserve where you can discover what an adrenaline rush feels like. A geological wonder…

Fuerteventura is much more than meets the eye.

We arrived at this wild island, also the windsurf capital of the Canaries, to enjoy some well-deserved holidays. After disconnecting for a few days (something that’s 100% guaranteed for 365 days of the year) and you ask yourselves: “what shall we do tomorrow?”

A quick search on Google for activities in Fuerteventura reveals that the world is your oyster:

1. Sailing with dolphins


Did you know that a third of the world’s cetaceans live in the waters surrounding this island? The Canary Islands are one of the three best areas in the world for whale and dolphin watching, and the best in Europe. Say no more: we are on our way to our first whale and dolphin watching experience.


We’re at the port of Corralejo at 9 o’clock sharp. The seas are calm seas and we enjoy savoury snacks, fruit and soft drinks on board. We set sail is not long before we see three playful dolphins surfing and jumping in the water. It’s such an exhilarating sight, which is further enriched by the explanations of the marine biologist in charge. We now know that:


  • Ziphius have great cognitive ability and a complex social structure.
  • They are constantly moving and communicate with each other.
  • You really must see them in the wild at least once in your life
  • If you ask us about activities you can do Fuerteventura, this would be at the top of the list.




If you want to know more about the boat tour which I hired, check this info:




2. Beach, beach, beach!


We are in beach lovers paradise so it’s impossible to choose just one. Cofete is a must: 12 km of virgin coastline, extraordinary and secluded, with an impressive massif called Macizo de Jandía. Nature always reigns, but here it commands a special kind of respect, but especially with the mysterious Villa Winter in the background.

If you’re looking for calm, turquoise waters, then Playa del Moro, in Corralejo, is a wonderful choice: small and sheltered from the wind (“asocadita”, as the locals say). Perfect for staying until sunset. A lovely experience in Fuerteventura that you want to repeat again some day.

Another must on your list is the black beach at Ajuy, nestled right next to a village of the same name and very close to the Ajuy Caves. This natural monument shelters some of the oldest rocks of the Canary Islands archipelago that were formed on the abyssal seafloor millions of years ago.


3. Landing on Isla de Lobos

Fancy being Robinson Crusoe for a day? Close your eyes and transport yourself to another a remote corner of the world. You’re in the right place. Welcome to the Isla de Lobos Natural Park, an island less fun 5 sq. km fringed with stunning coves and pools. This is a must-see place on any tour of Fuerteventura.

We arrive at Puertito (little port), a fishing settlement that has recently been flooded with visitors. The authorities have limited the number of visitors to protect the natural environment. This also ensures us a peaceful visit to an island that was once a hideout for pirates and home to a colony of monks seals.

What should we take in our backpack? A snorkel, which goes without saying, and a good pair of trainers for exploring the trails all the way to the lighthouse, where you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views of Lanzarote. If you’d like to eat at this tiny island’s only restaurant then you must book early. Choose from the simple but delicious menu offering either fresh fish or paella.


4. Stargazing (and dine on local tapas)

At night, Fuerteventura’s night sky becomes a blanket of stars. It’s easy to find a place without light pollution as there are no large centres of population. Maybe the Sicasumbre viewpoint, or the one at Tefía, or anywhere that’s away from the towns in an elevated position. We prefer to ask the experts.

To be sure of good quality astronomic observation we need a telescope, binoculars and, above all, and astronomer to guide us, armed with his knowledge and a laser pointer to show us the Fuerteventura night sky.


“Stars shining bright above you…”. Somebody hums to themselves, from Dream a little dream of me, without realising. Anything can happen under hundreds of tiny twinkling stars. The island’s geographical position close to the equator and the quality of the sky make Fuerteventura an increasingly attractive place for astronomy.

Exploring galaxies, planets and stars with your own eyes is an unforgettable experience. And to round off this truly magical evening, we finish with some traditional Canary Islands’ tapas.



In the past I hired a local star gazing agency in Fuerteventura, check this info:




5. Corralejo Dunes National Park

The first time you see Corralejo Dunes Natural Park will be engraved in your memory forever. We are in the largest and best preserved dune area of the Canary Islands Living sand. Moving sand.

The volcanic black tones of the malpais. The myriad of blues of the water (from clear blue, turquoise and sky blue to cobalt blue). The whiteness of the sand. The contrast of these three colours could represent a flag for this idyllic place.

The sand here is organic in origin, powdered mollusc shells eroded over time. We kick off our shoes immediately and bury our feet in it. A short distance away, a group of girls hold hands as they throw themselves onto the sand. We do the same. Activities in Fuerteventura? This one is a must. For nature lovers, for Intagrammers, for both adults and kids.   


6. Spread your wings: kitesurf and windsurf

From May to September, winds sweep across Fuerteventura and turn it into a mecca for windsurfing and kitesurfing

As they hit the Jandía massif in the south they gather strength, making this the perfect place to showcase your skills. One of the best spots is Sotavento, which has hosted the Windsurfing World Championship for 34 years, with breath-taking competitions and some of the best parties on the island. This year it takes place between 19 July and 3 August

If you’re looking for an high-energy activity in Fuerteventura as a recipe for happiness, this is for you. There are a multitude of centres on the island when you can try it out.


7. Ride in a buggy (and never want it to end)

A buggy has a lightweight chassis, big wheels and a reinforced suspension for getting around the dunes. Rent a buggy in Fuerteventura can be one of the most exhilarating things you can do on your holiday in Fuerteventura, but remember to take a bandanna and sunglasses to avoid swallowing sand!

Going with a guide is recommended, to respect the tracks and avoid harming the flora and fauna of the island. Fuerteventura is no Mad Max, but the sensation of seeing it in a buggy is fantastic, especially when the great Tindaya mountain stands before you, a natural monument which holds over 300 aboriginal foot-shaped engravings.




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8. Cheese, meat and fresh fish: a gastronomic treat

You should spend at least one day savouring majorera delicacies, with protected denomination of origin. You can taste the Canary Islands’ best goat meat and the world’s best cheese in Fuerteventura. That’s right! The best in the world! We recommend:

  • Casa Santa María: roasted goat meat in a 17th-century manor house in Betancuria, which was beautifully restored by German designer as a tribute.
  • Los Pinchitos: located in Lajares, where you can eat one of the best goat stews on the island. So tender it melts in your mouth.
  • La Vaca Azul: savour fresh fish on the seafront of El Cotillo.
  • La Jaira de Demain: a gastrobar in Puerto del Rosario serving delicious meals with locally grown products. A €12 menu offers a choice of two starters and two main courses, and depending what’s fresh on the day, it could include fish casserole, hake fritters, seasoned local tomatoes or pork loin with ratatouille.

Whatever you choose to do, you simply must try the world’s best cheese in 2018: Maxorata semi-cured cheese, made with goats milk and pepper, a well-deserved world champion! Cheers!




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