A Night in Jameos del Agua

Lago de Jameos

After visiting Jameos del Agua in the sunlight, and considering that I liked the experience so much, I decided to visit it at night and try the delights of its restaurant, as well as enjoy a concert in a unique place. At seven thirty in the afternoon I was arriving at Jameos del Agua with many expectations of what the dinner and the subsequent concert would bring us.


Restaurante Jameos
Jameos Restaurant

The dinner

Upon entering, a waiter accompanied us to the table and asked us what we wanted to drink. After choosing a wine from the island, he left us a moment while we watched everything carefully.


Mesa y vino de la isla
Mesa y vino de la isla


It’s amazing how things change according to the light you see them. The light is perfectly chosen to spend an intimate and cozy evening.


Barra del Restaurante
Restaurante Bar


The chosen menu had as starters a Millefeuille of filo pasta stuffed with mushrooms, foie gras and prawns and a tangerine and lime sorbet. The truth is that the dinner started very well.


Milhojas de pasta filo rellena de foie, setas y langostinos


As a main dish you could choose between a loin of salmon macerated in soy, sautéed with spinach, raisins and pine nuts on light cream of avocado and lime, or some cheeks of beef in its juice, vegetables and sweet potato mash with vanilla flavor . I have to say that I tried the two dishes since I was accompanied and they were very good, but on a personal basis I prefer the salmon, for me it was perfect, just perfect.


Lomo de salmón con salteado de espinacas pasas y piñones
Loin of salmon with sautéed raisins and pine nuts


To finish, they served us for dessert a chocolate bar on English cream, perfect for chocolate lovers. During the dinner the attention from the waiters was perfect and the intervals between dishes very measured. When we finished eating, we had to walk through the Jameos while we were doing some time until the concert began.


Piscina de los Jameos
Pool in Jameos


The concert


Having Jameos del Agua a large auditorium, I thought the concert would be there, but I was wrong. On the other side of the lake, in the bar area, the musicians were getting ready to play with the incredible picture of the lake and the cavern in the background. Sitting comfortably we prepared to enjoy the concert.


Lago de Jameos
Lake in Jameos


It began with the Jameos Quartet and its Sounds of Water, consisting of: a clarinet, a guitar, a canary timple and percussion, playing versions of songs as well known as: My little suede Shoes, Libertango or Stamping Ground; as well as some beautiful Folias that started the applause of the assistants.


The concert


The mixture of lights, sound and the magical environment of Jameos del Agua, with the lake as a background, makes the dinner and the concert an unforgettable experience. The night in Jameos is not something that can easily be forgotten.

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