Ángaro, a unique performance

angaro jameos dela gua

The last function of this second season of Angaro was celebrated last Friday. The work premiered last autumn in the auditorium of the Jameos del Agua, having been the winner of the contest held by the Art, Culture and Tourism Centers of the Cabildo de Lanzarote, stopping cultural programming last autumn-winter. With so much success, it was renewed in a second season until next Sunday, July 22.


Jameos del Agua Entrance


This multidisciplinary show seems to be designed for the place of representation, the marked rhythms of all the percussion instruments, resonate with a primitive cadence that is accentuated by being inside the volcanic cavern of the Jameos del Agua auditorium, making the musical experience and visual transport us to ancestral times.


Jameos del Agua Auditorium


Ángaro is a great reinterpretation of Canarian folklore, but it does not stop there, it goes much further. Traditional songs are reinvented and reborn with other instruments and rhythms that make them take on a new dimension without forgetting their roots .




Everything is taken care of with a detail that is reflected in the staging: the stage perfectly lit, the male artists dressed in rigorous black and female also in black with touches of red. The countless percussion instruments from limpet shells, passing by tambourines, percussion boxes with large drums, perfectly integrated with violins, pianos, horns and bass.


Tambores de Ángaro


I had heard very good comments about the show, both from residents of the island and the visitors who had already seen it and I can not agree more with them. Ángaro, without a doubt, is a performance that makes you vibrate and get excited.

At the end, the applause of the audience lasted several minutes demanding the return to the stage of the artists commanded by Jonatan Rodríguez, its artistic director and one of the percussionists, who were applauded by all of us who were among the audience.




The last representation of this wonderful work will be on Sunday, July 22 at 12:30.




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