Arrecife en Vivo Music Festival 2018

As in previous years, one of the best street festivals in Europe begins in September, the Arrecife en Vivo Festival 2018. The premise of the festival is the most simple and attractive: four consecutive fridays of concerts in the street, distributed in different points of the city ​​and at the end of each one, a band encourages the journey to the next stage; You just have to follow the Finger and have fun on the way.


You just have to follow the Finger!


The opening of this first day of the Arrecife en Vivo 2018, was carried out by La Cantera, the students of the music school of the renowned Lanzarote timp player Toñín Corujo. More than thirty boys and girls went out on stage to delight all attendees at the Playa del Reducto. Among the repertoire performed by La Cantera were not missing such well-known songs as: La Bamba, Billy Jean by Michael Jackson, Born to Be Wild, and to close the concert Somebody to Love by Queen.


At the end of the first concert, the Banda de Agaete together with Buli, dressed in his mythical Elvis costume and the Finger that marks the next concert, took the audience to the next stage in the Plaza del Almacén, and with the duo The Bengali already on stage waiting for their audience. The duo formed by Borja Téllez on drums and Guillermo Sinnerman on guitar and voice, filled the stage with their wild rock, with songs from their Selvatico Year album.


Los Bengala, in the Plaza del Almacén


At the end of the great concert of Los Bengalas, the Banda de Agaete took over again to take the audience, and everyone who passed through the street and wanted to join to the Ramírez Cerdá Park Stage. There, Amatria, Joni Antequera, waited for us all, who came back to repeat on the island, this time with her work Algarabía. A mix of electronic music and pop that made the park was filled with people and good vibes.


Amatria, in the Parque Ramírez Cerdá


At the end of the concert at the Parque Ramírez Cerdá, the Band of Agaete and Buli with their Finger, once again set in motion guiding everyone to the last stage in the Marina of Arrecife. The main course of the night was waiting. The veteran English band EMF took to the stage at the scheduled time, dedicating a few words in Spanish and English to the attendees and the organization of the event.


EMF in the Marina de Arrecife


The EMF concert was a trip to the 90’s in full force, with its well-known Unbelievable, which played on several occasions, and other songs known as I Belive or Lies. The concert ended after the encores, with Derry (keyboard) on the floor, exhausted, after having given everything on stage.


EMF, Unbelievable


As soon as EMF left the stage it was the turn of Los Invaders, this Valencian band that moves between rock and electronic music, made the audience enjoy their songs sung in English and their spectacular riff. The closing of the night came from the hand of Amatria, again, but this time turned into a DJ.


Los Invaders going on stage.


There is no excuse for not enjoying the good music that will invade the streets of the capital of Lanzarote every Friday until October 11. You can not miss the remaining days of the Arrecife en Vivo Festival 2018!

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