How to plan your one-day excursion to Fuerteventura departing from Lanzarote

Did you know that Lanzarote and Fuerteventura were the same island 18,000 years ago? Today the passage is underwater and the alternative is a pleasant boat trip over the Bocaina Strait, a 15 kilometre strip of sea that separates these sister islands.


We get our backpacks ready and check the Lineas Romero ferry times, a company that operates four daily ferries between Playa Blanca and Corralejo. They leave at 09:30, 10:30, 12:30 and 16:30. Perfect for organising a one-day excursion to Fuerteventura from Lanzarote.


The crossing is awesome. Sailing with the sea breeze downwind, we enjoy a coffee and a sandwich while the paradisiacal beaches of Papagayo disappear in the distance. We see Isla de Lobos and the coast of Fuerteventura approach through the windows – these silhouettes that intrigue us during every sunset from Lanzarote – either engulfed in mist or crystal clear on a beautiful day.


Hoe to get from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura?


Is it worth doing a day trip from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura? Yes, absolutely!

This excursion is a must, for a number of reasons:


  • The journey from Playa Blanca lasts only 45 minutes. Relax and enjoy it with the family.
  • The views from the ferry are fantastic and are totally different from what you’d see from land.
  • Fuerteventura is the oldest Canary Island – 23 million years old – and has stunning white sandy beaches. They call it “the Caribbean of Europe.”
  • Nature, water activities, charming villages…the experiences that await you in this 100 kilometre-long island are far from boring. All You’ll also be able to compare the spirit of these two easternmost Canary Islands.


Our day trip to Fuerteventura takes us to an authentic island which has been a film set for many box office hits: Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Terry Gilliam’s El Quijote… The island is the director’s choice for an increasing number of film shoots. In fact, last year the Jandia Natural Park became Corelia, Han Solo’s Galactic birthplace.  

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The best way to experience the whole Fuerteventura island: the Grand Tour


Do you want to cram as many experiences possible into one day in Fuerteventura? Then the Grand Tour from Lanzarote is the best way to discover the heart of this Majorero island.


We set sail from Playa Blanca and the loudspeaker announces our arrival in Corralejo, a little town brimming with shops and aromas from its multitude of restaurants. A bus awaits to take us to El Cotillo, a small fishing town surrounded by coves with crystalline waters. We also visit Toston Castle, a 15th-century bastion that is today a cultural space. It stands over a cliff pounded by the Atlantic waves


We head off to La Oliva, Tefia and Tiscamanita to visit a factory that produces Aloe vera products, a plant grown on the island that has been used in skin care for centuries. This was one of the most fascinating experiences we had in Fuerteventura.


Lunchtime! We arrive at Betancuria, the island’s old capital and most beautiful village. Its narrow streets exude centuries of history. We visit a handicraft shop to buy some local ceramics and then to a traditional cheesemaker to taste some of the famous Majorero cheese. Seasoned with pepper, or smoked, macerated in oil, fresh or with gofio… It’s hard to choose which one to take back with us to Lanzarote to match with a bottle of La Geria wine.  


Time to go back. Before catching the ferry, we complete our excursion to Fuerteventura from Lanzarote by visiting one of the island’s jewels: the Corralejo Dunes Natural Park. On looking back from the ferry, it’s easy to understand why UNESCO declared Fuerteventura in Biosphere Reserve. Like Lanzarote, this island maintains perfect harmony between man and nature. 


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Botanical Garden and nature reserve: a morning at Oasis Park


Oasis Park started in 1985 as a nursery for ornamental plants all over the world. Today it’s nature reserve for flora and fauna and home to 3000 animals of 250 different species. It’s also the largest camel reserve in Europe.


If you like a day trip to Fuerteventura, Oasis Park in Fuerteventura is located in Lajita, in the south of the island, and is very well connected with Lanzarote. If you’re one of those people who likes to know the scientific names of flowers and trees, then botanical garden at Oasis Park doesn’t disappoint.  


Water infiltrates the cracks in the basalt rock and nurtures endemic species such as cardón or Salvia canariensis. We wander through 250,000 m² of tropical, subtropical, succulent and native plants, and learn about tasaigo (Rubia fructosa) or guayadil (Convolvulus floridus).

We learn that they go to great lengths to preserve the threatened endemic species and are specialists in savanna flora. The African continent is only a few nautical miles away and this is evident when you look at the aridity of the island. Miguel de Unamuno hit the nail on the head when he described it as “a piece of Africa tossed into the Atlantic.”

Marabu and yellow-billed storks, macaws, impressive emus…are just some of the endless list of tropical birds you’ll see. Here lamas live alongside the Majorero donkey and you can also swim with the sea lions. We wanted to make the most of day, so we decided to meet the Madagascan lemur, in the company of an Oasis Park biologist who explained everything we need to know about these creatures.

What else? Well, we went on a camel safari around the park, and then to recharge our batteries in one of the park’s restaurants. They use products from their ecological farm and serve typical Canarian dishes, international dishes and a range of children’s favourites.


Corralejo dunes and water-based activities in Fuerteventura

Looking for something a little more energetic? Then prepare yourself to be amazed by the 2,600 hectares of sand in the Corralejo Dunes Natural Park: an immense sea of undulating sand that were created by the wind.

In such a spectacular setting let your imagination run wild and when it comes back, it brings amazing ideas with it. A dune landscape that extends for over 10 km – the stuff that dreams are made of. As you look to the north, white sands. To the south, a rugged red landscape. Essentials for any trip here are plenty of water, suntan cream, a towel, swimsuit and walking shoes to climb the 300 m to Volcán de Montaña Roja, if you plan on going trekking.

And the list of excursions in Fuerteventura doesn’t stop here. Who can resist a bit of fun in a waterpark? Not us! We had great fun at the Acua Water Park. Located in Corralejo, very close to the port where we catch the ferry back, it has 14 attractions suitable for everyone, with children’s areas and many slides for the little ones, as well as great options for adults such as the Rapids.

A day trip to Fuerteventura was one of the best things we did to round off holidays.

Sadly, we didn’t manage to go dolphin watching or to do a buggy tour. We’ll just have to come back!

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