Costa Teguise Aquapark, a fun day you won’t regret!

In the middle of summer, with the hot weather, you want to be soaking, and part of enjoying the magnificent beaches that the island offers us, we can also choose to go to a water park and for this one of the best options is to go to the Aquapark Costa Teguise.


Aquapark Entrance


The Aquapark opens at 10 in the morning so if we want to make the most of the day and take the best place it is best to arrive early. The park offers some extra services, not included in the ticket, such as a box office, photos with beautiful parrots, macaws and cockatoos, 10D cinema, a ball park for children or, if you want, you can also play a game of paintball in the park’s underground circuit. It also has a cafeteria, restaurant and several stores.


Once leaving your stuff at the box office the best you can do, if you don’t know the park, is to take a quick look to see what the attractions are and where you want to lie down. The Costa Teguise Aquapark has plenty of sun beds and umbrellas, as well as shade areas if you don’t want to toast too much in the sun.


Soft Tracks and Aquaracer


The first attractions that dominate the landscape are the Soft Tracks, the Aquaracer, with which you can make races with the rest lying on a mat, and the Kamikaze. For children there are also several slides in this area. We can also enjoy the lake and escape the heat without sliding down any slide. Going forward, leaving the restaurant on the right, we have an outdoor Jacuzzi, if we need to relax for a while it is the perfect place to lie down and enjoy a nice bubble massage. Right next to us we have an area for the little ones, with slides and soft jets.


The Spiral slide and the double slides are waiting for us just before the ball park. One of the attractions that I repeated the most was the spiral, getting into that closed tube and shooting out towards the pool was the most fun.


The Spiral and the double slides


In the background we have the newest part of the Aquapark. A large pool surrounded by more hammocks and shaded areas, dominated by the park’s highest attractions. Definitely, if you are afraid of heights, the Stuka and the Super Kamikaze will put you to the test. But if you dare I assure you that you won’t regret it!


Super Kamikaze and Stuka


Before climbing to the heights we had the opportunity to get up on three fun slides: the Turbolancha, the Aqualancha and the Whirlpool. In the first two you can ride in a closed tube mounted on the mat and the other is an open slide in which you go on a giant float. But if you really want to spin you have to try the Whirlwind.


Lago Infantil


A beautiful children’s lake with slides for the youngest of the house crowns this area of ​​the park. And to finish, we can’t forget the Crazy River: the longest attraction in the park where mounted on a large float you’ll go through some rapids to reach the final pool.


Crazy River


Whether you go with children or not, the Costa Teguise Aquapark is a hilarious experience, one of those that you have to repeat throughout the summer!

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