Music Festival Dúo Boix – Masramón

On November 10, a new series of concerts began at the Cueva de los Verdes Music Festival. Four concerts, which started with the Lanzarote Laura Cox and her album Days of Doom. Followed by a second concert, by the Canarian quartet of string and piano Ensemble Kegelstatt. The third concert will have as protagonists the Dúo Boix – Masramón, of Piano and Soprano. And the closing, with the fourth concert will come from the hand of Ínsula Inédita.


Cueva de los Verdes music festival


The small auditorium of the Cueva de los Verdes is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and impressive places where you can attend a concert. Going into the bowels of the earth and enjoy a concert, with an exceptional acoustics designed by the lava, is an experience different from everything you’ve been able to experience before.


The concert of January 19, is in charge of the duo of artists formed by: Laia Masramón one of the best-known Spanish pianists and with more international projection. She has performed in audiences around the globe with world-class artists such as Maurice Bourgue, Sergio Azzolini and Joanna Shaw among others. And María Eugenia Boix, soprano and one of the most outstanding opera singers of the national scene. Among its repertoire are classic works such as Requiem by Mozart, A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Mendelssohn and Magnificat by Bach, as well as many recitals with piano and string.


The soprano María Eugenia Boix


These two artists will take the audience by the hand for a series of classic works of the first part of romanticism with works by Mozart and Schubert. To then transport them to the Parisian atmosphere of Debussy, until they reach Chopin and his poetry turned into music for piano. To close with Liszt and Donizetti.


Laia Masramon piano and María Eugenia Boix voice


A totally indispensable concert for lovers of classical music. And the opportunity to see these two magnificent artists, masterfully execute the works of composers so important and known by all. In a stunning natural setting and unique in the world as is the Cave of the Greens.

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