“El Cuervo” Volcano

Undoubtedly, one of the great attractions of Lanzarote are its unique volcanic landscapes in the world. We can see them from the car while we ride around the island, or from the bus, when we visit the Fire Mountains. But the best way to enjoy, with all the senses, those views that seem taken from another planet, is to walk between volcanoes. And one of the most accessible, besides being beautiful, is the Cuervo Volcano.

To get there, nothing easier than driving to the car park located on the road from La Geria to Mancha Blanca. From the car park, there is a well-defined path from which one does not have to leave and which leads us to the volcano, surrounding its entire base and allowing us to access the interior of the caldera; a route of less than 5 kms, with little unevenness and that becomes very comfortable.


Panorámica del mar de lava
The sea of lava


In this area began the volcanic eruptions of 1730, which resulted in the current landscape of this part of Lanzarote and the Cuervo Volcano, and which ended six years later with the creation of Caldera Colorada, which is opposite the car park, to the other side of the road.

The view from the car park is already impressive, that sea of ​​lava dotted with lichens, with the volcanoes in the background. One of the things that I like most about this tour is that as we go through it, we find informative panels in Spanish, English and German which tell us what we are going to find on the route as well as the rules and recommendations that we must continue to find in a Natural Park, among which figure not to climb the crater to not degrade the volcano.


Sendero a pie de volcán
Path near the volcano


Upon reaching the base of the volcano, we have two options, follow the path on the left and completely surround the boiler, for almost at the end, reach the opening that allows us to access its interior or take the path on the right and access the inside the boiler almost immediately, and then continue along the Cuervo Volcano. I opted for this second option.


Entrada a la Caldera
Entrance to the Caldera


The descent to the boiler is made through an opening in the crater and it is very easy to make, as all the way, you just have to follow the marked path and we will not have any problem.


Panorámica del interior de la caldera
Overview of the interior of the boiler


Already inside the caldera, we can rest awhile if we want to, or eat something, always leaving the place totally clean and collected, while we delight with the view that the crater offers us from within, as well as with the vegetation that grows inside, taking advantage of the humidity and shade conditions that are generated inside the boiler.



The exit of the interior of the boiler is done retracing the path that brought us to the interior, and to follow the route, we simply have to turn left at the exit of the rocky portico. Throughout this part of the walk, we will continue to find informative panels that will tell us things about the volcanoes of Timanfaya, the interior valleys, the sea of ​​lava, etc. As we completely encircle the Cuervo Volcano, we will return to the path that takes us back to the parking lot.


Cata de Vinos
Wine Taste


And since we are so close to the wineries of the island … what better way to finish the walk than tasting the wines of the area while discussing what we’ve seen?


Hiking in Timanfaya National Park

We still wanted more: it was inevitable. Lanzarote’s landscape is unique, and we were yet to explore the accessible areas of Timanfaya. The trails are well signposted, but there’s nothing like going with a knowledgeable professional for getting the most out of your visit. So that’s what we did. In the Walking among volcanoes in Timanfaya tour you’ll discover everything you need to know about this national park. 


This time, we started our tour a little further north, in the town of Mancha Blanca, where our guide was waiting for us. We went there by car although the tour does include pickup from the main resorts. 

Hiking route in the Fire Mountains

The guide made sure we were wearing appropriate footwear, a sun hat and that we had plenty of water before setting off. We walked towards the volcanoes via a gravelly trail surrounded by the magnificent scenery in this area. 


The guide made paused along the way to share interesting stories and facts about the eruptions that took place in the 18th century. Did you know that the eruptions lasted for six years? 

Hiking in Lanzarote

We continue towards Caldera de la Rilla, circumnavigating it up to Montaña del Señalo. If you think that the landscape would be destroyed forever after six years of eruptions, you’re mistaken. Life has prevailed, and both the flora and fauna have learned to adapt to the extreme conditions in this region.


We arrive back to our starting point after around three hours of walking. It has been an extremely pleasant and educational experience. Don’t miss this chance to go walking among volcanoes in Lanzarote on your next visit, you won’t be disappointed!

Hiking in th lava sea, Lanzarote


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