Enogastronomic festival Saborea Lanzarote 2018

As every year around this time, the Enogastronomic Festival Saborea Lanzarote is celebrated in Lanzarote. Undoubtedly, one of the most important food and wine festivals in the Canary Islands and I would say that also of Spain. Two days in which chefs, especially from the island of Lanzarote, but also from all parts of Spain such as: Sevilla, Vinarós, Trujillo and Cambrils, have had representation in the eighth edition of this event. Meeting on the island, the chefs make us a demonstration of their culinary skills, in the historic center of La Villa de Teguise.


Environment in one of the tents


Almost one hundred exhibitors populated the squares of La Villa, restaurants, patisseries, breweries and wineries gathered as each year to bring a sample of their work to the large audience.

This year I decided to attend Saborea Lanzarote 2018 in another way. Other years I have been satisfied with seeing the showcookings and tasting the tapas offered by the participants in the event. But this time I was encouraged to participate in two of the workshops that were proposed. For that, I arrived early at La Villa. The first workshop at 11:00 in the morning, was scheduled for the Chinijo Classroom, designed for children to come and enjoy the cuisine. As of 12:00, the workshops for adults started, so I signed up for the next two, the first dedicated to cheese, and the second to wine.

These free workshops were held in the Timple Museum, in the Plaza de La Constitución in La Villa. To sign up, we simply asked if there was a place for those we wanted, they registered us and we were already prepared for interesting workshops.


Exhibition of Canary wines


The first, dedicated to cheese, was taught by Isidoro Jiménez, one of the greatest Canarian experts in cheese making. After the recent edition of the World Cheese Awards, I was hoping that some of the thirty-five award-winning Canarian cheeses were in the workshop. What I did not expect is that of the nine cheeses to be tasted, eight were awarded and that throughout the day in the rest of workshops you could taste the rest.


Isidoro Jiménez at the Cheese Workshop


Isidoro took us, by the hand of cheeses, to a trip through the different ways of elaboration of the Canarian artisans. From the most leading to the most traditional. Different types of milk, from goat cigars, so recognizable in Canarian cuisine, to sheep, cow or mixed. A pleasure for cheese lovers, among which I am, which makes us appreciate this product even more.


Wine Workshop


After leaving the Cheese Workshop, we went to the next one, which had the title “Wine, much more than grape”. An interesting talk and tasting in which they proposed pairings for three wines from the islands. And for my rejoicing, the marriage was made mainly with cheese. In this workshop we tasted a rosé, a white and a red wine from different wineries and islands.


Papa stuffed with fresh Jarea and smoked cheese


After my experience in the workshops, I decided to lose myself among the stalls and go savoring what they offered me. Saborea Lanzarote is an enriching experience in all senses, especially in the sense of taste! Next year I will repeat and surely extend my visits to one of the other Classrooms that the organization offers, which each year is exceeded.


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