“Entre los Vientos” Concert

On December 4, the Entre Los Vientos Concert was held in Lanzarote. An initiative carried out by the Government of the Canary Islands, which in the framework of the 35th edition of the Canary Islands Music Festival, once again launched the Sigue la música (Follow the Music) project. A project where the orchestras tour the islands giving free concerts.


A few weeks before, it was possible to enjoy the Entre Las Cuerdas Concert on the island, where 15 musicians with their stringed instruments and bow, already gave a magnificent show at the hand of the musical pedagogue Fernando Palacios and the String Orchestra of the Symphony of Las Palms On this occasion, the turn was played by the wind family and the Gran Canaria Wind Orchestra.


Entrance of the Fagots


The concert Between the Winds took place at the El Salinero Theater, in the capital of the island. At 20:00 at night, almost all the locations were occupied, when Fernando Palacios went on stage saying: “Everything started with the wind. It blew on a reed and turned it into a flute, made a sheet tremble and invented the clarinet … “And so, the musicians started to come out on stage, in pairs. From the family of wooden wind instruments: flutes, clarinets oboes and fagots. From the family of wind metal: horns, trumpets, trombone and tuba.


The trombone and the tuba the last to come on stage


When all were duly presented, the concert itself began. A trip of twelve songs that transported us to other places and other times. Beginning with Fiuza’s Musilandia, followed by Metal Quintets, to later play with the public, to guess the attractions of a fair with different songs or to bring the rhythm and the choruses of a popular Scottish song.


The full orchestra


All this without ceasing to teach, in a very entertaining way, things about wind instruments. The musicians moved according to the music to be interpreted or left the stage if their instrument did not participate at that moment. An auditory and visual experience, but above all very enjoyable. The seventy minutes of the concert could not have a better brooch than Vientos del Norte, the canary José Antonio Ramos and Queen Bohemian Rhapsody.


Concert closure


A concert that left wanting more. Wishing to know that you have us ready for the 36th edition of the Canary Music Festival, and hoping that the Sigue la Música project, continue as well and we can enjoy it next year in all the islands.


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