Fall in Lanzarote

Autumn in Lanzarote is a very special season and the perfect time to visit the island. Undoubtedly it is the best time if you want to escape the crowds, there are fewer visitors everywhere so it is the ideal season for a relaxing trip as a couple. The weather is usually very pleasant and it really rains very little.



Playa Chica


With few exceptions, it is possible to go to the beach in Lanzarote in any season of the year. The pleasant temperature that is enjoyed all year round on the island makes it possible for us to see people dressed in their swimsuits at any time. But autumn is perhaps the best time, it’s not so hot and the beaches are emptier.


Calas de Papagayo


If you go to some cove you can almost be alone, which is a luxury. Being able to enjoy the beach at another pace, much quieter.



Sunset in the Marina of Arrecife

Another Autumn attraction in Lanzarote are its wonderful sunsets. The light, when the sun is about to hide under the horizon, is simply gorgeous. The orange and pink tones combine to leave the clouds stained with a palette of colors to fall in love with.


Janubio al atardecer


The best way to enjoy them is to go for a walk without haste. An idea that surely makes you remember the memory for a lifetime, is to prepare a small picnic and visit the salt pans of Janubio at sunset. It is quite an experience to see how the sun’s rays play with the saline water and the colors change. Totally unforgettable.


Another thing that can not be missed at this time of year is the opportunity to visit the island’s tourist centers. Without the agglomerations and the heat of the summer. Above all, the visit to the Montañas del Fuego becomes much more comfortable at this time.


Los Jameos del Agua


Traveling to Lanzarote is always an excellent idea at any time of the year but if you want to enjoy an unforgettable and different vacation, the best thing is that you spend the Autumn in here.

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