Fuerteventura Express: a day in Corralejo

Fuerteventura dunes

Today I´d like to invite you to a day trip to Corralejo. I´m sure you already noticed that huge beach on the island of Fuerteventura you can see from Lanzarote. That´s the Natural Park of the Sand Dunes, one of the main attractions of Northern Fuerteventura. I couldn´t resist to just hop on the ferry on my day off and see it by myself, the view was way too tempting!
The boat to Corralejo took about 40 minutes and the travel was so entertaining! At the beginning of the trip I had the opportunity to admire Playa Blanca harbour and the majestic Montaña Roja, a lonely volcano situated close to the coastline of Lanzarote. It was a sunny day so I decided to buy myself a drink on the lower deck and travel upstairs.

It was windy and the boat was moving a little bit when facing bigger waves, but that´s a part of the fun, right? As a clumsy person, I lost the balance for a quarter of a second a few times, but it absolutely wasn´t anything scary or dangerous. With a beer in one hand, I was grabbing the chairs for some stability. Sincerely, I think the other passangers had fun watching me too!

Just before arriving to Corralejo the boat passed the Lobos island, where a group of kitesurfers was benefitting from the weather conditions. It was an additional entertainment during the trip. The round, colorful kites were really eye-catching!

After the boat was anchored, I found the nearest taxi rank and asked the driver to take me to the Natural Park. For 7€ he drove me to the hotel Riu, located literally in the middle of the dunes. He also showed me where to catch the bus back to the city centre. Later I realised I could have rented a bike too – the distance between Corralejo harbour and that particular hotel is just 6 km (approx. 3,7 mi). I might do that next time and make my day a little bit more sporty!


The sand dunes were spectacular. I took my shoes off and went straight to the biggest mountain of sand I ever saw in my life. The views from the top were great, I felt like I was on a desert! In the very same moment I suddenly understood why they wear turbans in Sahara (the sun, apparently, is not the only reason). The sand lifted by the wind was getting everywhere, including my ears and mouth. I took a couple of pictures and happily walked towards my oasis– a beach bar. Later I took the bus back to the city centre.

I had lunch in a restaurant next to the little urban beach they have in Corralejo. I chose to eat outside and watch a group of people build a huge sand dragon. I decided to speak to them and I discovered it was local people who actually build the sand castles everyday! I always wondered how they make these impressive, neat constructions. And I am not going to tell you the secret – you need to visit Corralejo yourself!




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