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glass-bottomed Boat

Glass Bottom Boat Lanzarote

One of the attractions of Lanzarote are its waters. We are surrounded by water and that shows in our character and our customs. If you like to get wet it’s the perfect place, there are plenty of water activities to enjoy the sea. But if you do not like to get wet or travel with small children and still want to enjoy the seabed of the island, the best way is a boat with underwater vision. Specifically, the Glass Bottom Boat of Puerto del Carmen.


It has no loss, in the Varadero of Puerto del Carmen docks the Nautilus Séptimo in a vibrant red that makes it quickly recognizable among the boats that moor in the dock of Varadero. We simply have to get on board and carefully descend the stairs that take us to the underwater viewing area. There are crystals on both sides so that we do not miss detail of the seabed and its inhabitants.

After the talk about the safety rules, we took a seat, at all times we have them at hand, as well as the plane of the ship, the life jackets, and just below, some photos with the marine species that we can see during the tour.


Glass Bottom Boat Lanzarote



Once settled on the site there is nothing left but to leave the dock. Even within the same dock we can see the fish that swim very close without any qualms. But it is when we leave the mouth of the dock when we see more fish. Although it is not a clear day and the clouds make it a little dark, there is no problem to see the seabed.

A large bank of fry surrounds the ship for a long time, and for every crystal you look at you can see them. Other larger fish do not hesitate to come to eat taking advantage of the feast of so many small fish, especially salemas and galanas and a barracuda of good size also made its appearance at the party. This last one fish I could not photograph because I forgot that I had the phone in the hand of the attentive that was watching it go under us.

If you get a bit overwhelmed, you get dizzy or just want to get some air there is no problem, you just have to climb the stairs carefully and we can see the surface again, the cliffs of the coast between Puerto del Carmen and Puerto Calero, and the beautiful views of the houses that populate the edge.

Glass Bottom Boat Lanzarote


A recommendable excursion, especially at this time of the year, in which maybe we have less desire to put on our swimsuit and get into the water. The boat is very stable and you don’t have a feeling of claustrophobia. If you go with children they will enjoy it very much.


If you want to know more about this excursion, visit our —-> GLASS BOTTOM BOAT TOUR <—– with a stop at Papagayo beaches, water sports and food  included on board.

Puerto Calero submarine excursion

If you’re an adventurer at heart and want to discover the mysteries of the deep, then the submarine excursion in Puerto Calero is for you. If you’re pregnant or hard of hearing, no problem! You too can enjoy this submarine trip, as the internal atmosphere is maintained at normal levels so you won’t notice the difference between being on land or under the sea.

Unlike a glass-bottom boat, this submarine submerges to a depth of up to 30 metres, so you will see much more marine fauna.

barracudas seen from submarine

Our trip started in Puerto del Carmen where the submarine bus collected us at a bus stop near out hotel. It’s a free service that will also pick up in Costa Teguise or Playa Blanca. We were in Puerto Calero and onboard in only 10 minutes.

I must admit that I was was a little nervous beforehand. I thought I’d get seasick or that I wouldn’t see it through, but it was actually a fantastic experience. The submarine is spacious and you don’t feel at all claustrophobic or seasick, as it travels underneath the waves.

submarine Safari in Lanzarote

Every pair of seats have their own window, and it’s not exactly small! The trip takes 50 minutes and time goes so quickly. We were so fascinated by the number of horse mackerel, damselfish, barracudas and even rays that swam only centimetres away, that we didn’t realise our time in the Puerto Calero submarine was nearly up.

With a smile on our faces and clutching our new immersion certificate, we waved goodbye to the crew as our bus was waiting to take us bus to our hotel.

This is one activity you really must try, at least once in your life. We’d definitely do it again!

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Glass Bottom Boat Atlantic Adventure Cruise

As a third option, how about a glass bottom boat excursion? The Atlantic Adventure excursion leaves Playa Blanca and takes you past the beaches of Papagayo on the south coast. And if you’re not staying in Playa Blanca, don’t worry. The tour includes transport and will pick you up at your hotel.

Glass-bottomed Boat Atlantic Adventure

The Atlantic Adventure boat trip is great for all the family. The kids have the best time and become totally engrossed at the fish that swim only a few metres below the glass bottom.

You’ll have a lovely day of activities such as kayak, snorkel and even a banana boat, as well as enjoy lunch and a free bar. The only thing you have to worry about is remembering your swimming costume, sunscreen and towel. We’ll take care of the rest!

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