Gourmet Sailing Experience


With the arrival of spring, the days are getting longer and warmer and you get the desire to go out and enjoy the sea. So, what could be better than going back to the sea and having a good time with friends on board of a boat? A gourmet sailing experience that really amazes.

We arrived at the Marina Rubicón in Playa Blanca to meet the pick-up point; the lighthouse of the Capitanía Square. Tt has no loss, as you arrive at the Marina you find it just in front of the parking area. As always, I like to arrive early. I took the opportunity to take a short walk before the trip to enjoy the views of the Marina.


Ibero Uno


At the agreed time the beautiful sailboat was waiting for us, of almost 20 meters and two masts, where we would spend the afternoon: the Ibero Uno.

We were received very kindly by his captain and his sailor, who offered us something to drink while we waited for the rest of the people on the deck mattresses. As soon as our friends arrived we prepared to leave the port.

We were informed that the whole boat was at our disposal for what we wanted, and although our intention was to spend the afternoon on deck to enjoy the best of the good weather, I could not resist going down and having a look.




The interior of the Ibero Uno does not disappoint. It has  in the stern a beautiful suite with its own bathroom, a single room, a very well equipped kitchen where it was been prepared what we would eat later, the lounge and towards the bow , another bathroom, a bunk bed and a double bed.


Salón Ibero Uno
Ibero Uno Lounge


After my small expedition, I returned to the deck to accommodate myself where my friends were with a good glass of island wine in hand to enjoy the journey.


Rumbo a Papagayo
To Papagayo


Outside the port, it was time to unfold the sails and turn off the engines to navigate only driven by the force of the wind crossing the entire coast towards the Punta de Papagayo and then turn around and look for the anchoring point in front of the Mujeres Beach. Moment that we could take to take a dip, snorkel or swim to the coast while the food is finished, when we would be advised to return to the ship.




When the food was ready we decided to eat outside, on the bridge, making the most of the afternoon and with the nice sea breeze. A perfect meal, good music in the background and what we would like to drink … the truth is that we enjoy it a lot and the time flew by.


Playa Mujeres
Mujeres Beach


This trip is perfect to be in couple, family or with a small group of friends. The Ibero Uno has room for eight people besides the crew, which by the way treats you incredibly well. We felt very comfortable at all times. As an experience it is simply unforgettable I would repeat without hesitation.

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