Green Caves and Jameos del Agua

When you travel to Lanzarote there are some visits that are almost mandatory: the Tourist Centers of the island. As a first option I will visit two centers that are very close to each other, in the north of the island: Green Caves and Jameos del Agua. Both the Cave and the Jameos are part of the same volcanic tube that was formed with the eruption of the Corona volcano about five thousand years ago.


Green Caves – “Cueva de los verdes”

For the first visit I have chosen the Green Caves, they have recommended me to arrive early to avoid being outside waiting for a long time in the sun, since the groups are small and enter to the place in intervals of twenty minutes each. So at ten in the morning I was already in the parking lot. When I arrived, the first group was already complete, and it took me twenty minutes to wait so I took the opportunity to take pictures of the surroundings, which I recommend highly.



Cartel de la Cueva de los Verdes
Cartel de la Cueva de los Verdes


When the time came the guide met us all at the entrance and began with the explanation of the formation of the cave and its volcanic origin. After giving the recommendations and precautions -in certain places you have to be careful with the heads because the roof is low- we begin the descent to the cave.


Entrada a la Cueva de los Verdes
Cueva de los Verdes Entrance


The lighting of the cave, design by the artist Jesús Soto, highlights the colors and shapes that the lava left in its wake creating a unique walk through the bowels of the earth.


Cueva de los Verdes
Cueva de los Verdes


At the end of the path enabled for the visit, there is a small natural auditorium, that takes advantage of the sonorous qualities of the cave. The guide explains that there are several concerts a year in it.


Auditorio de la Cueva de los Verdes
Auditorio de la Cueva de los Verdes


To finish the tour we have to get closer to the most dangerous area of ​​the cave, so we have to pay attention at all times to the guide’s instructions. But the truth is that it is worth seeing this part of the cave.


Precipicio de la Cueva de los Verdes
Cliff inthe Green Caves


The tour of the cave is quite easy to do, it takes about a little less than an hour, except for two points where you have to bend over, the rest is done comfortably since the ceiling is very high and at no time gives a feeling of claustrophobia.

After the visit to the incredible Green Caves it is the turn of Los Jameos del Agua.


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Los Jameos del Agua

Very close to the Green Caves is, near the coast,  Jameos del Agua.


Cartel de los Jameos del Agua
Cartel de los Jameos del Agua


A jameo is the roof collapse of a volcanic tube, and the entrance to this beautiful natural space molded by the hand of the great César Manrique is made by the first jameo, the smallest.

We go down a spiral staircase that leads directly to the restaurant. A restaurant with tables in the middle of a cave, surrounded by plants and overlooking the salt lake. We cross the restaurant and go down a new flight of stairs, this time made of stone, which takes us directly to the lake and its inhabitants: the blind crabs, which are the symbol of Jameos del Agua. These little crabs, one centimeter long , are a unique and endemic species of this place. Being extremely sensitive is strictly forbidden to throw coins or any other object into the lake.


Bajada de Los Jameos del Agua
Bajada de Los Jameos del Agua


A stone walkway takes us to the other side of the lake, where there are seats and a bar in which you can order something to drink if you want to contemplate this wonder calmly seated, which I did. Then another small climb up the stairs leads to the largest jameo, in it a beautiful pool of turquoise water dominates the opening.


Jameos del Agua viwed fron the top


At the bottom of the jameo is the auditorium, this is much larger than the Green Caves and with excellent acoustics, performances are held more often. Back to the jameo, through its garden we have the entrance to La Casa de los Volcanes. In it there are explanations of the geological activity of the islands, and in the upper part we find a permanent exhibition dedicated to the figure of Jesus Soto.

Entrada de la Casa de los Volcanes
Casa de los Volcanes Entrance


To leave we will have to go back up some stairs that take us to another small bay and to the souvenir shop where we can also buy wines from the island.

The Green Caves and Jameos del Agua are unique. The beauty of these two places leaves you without words many times. The sensation when entering inside the earth, in places that were formed so many thousands of years ago, and that, even being so close and being part of the same volcanic tube, are two different spaces so you can not experience it for yourself.


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