Halloween in Lanzarote

With the end of October, I always have the feeling that it is finally Autumn. Maybe it’s because of the slight change in the light at sunset, the first rains of the year -if we are lucky to have them- or the smell of roasted chestnuts on the streets. Anyway, what really marks the full entrance in Autum for me is Halloween.

As Lanzarote is an island where people from all over the world live, it is normal that celebrations brought from other places are integrated into society. And this is the case of one of the most famous parties in the world: Halloween.


Salon of Rancho Texas


The night of October 31 also has a tradition in the Canary Islands. It is called Los Finaos where the Ranchos de Animas are held.  These Ranchos de Animas were celebrated by brotherhoods whose mission was to sing through the streets of the villages to ask for money for the souls of the dead that then is delivered to the Church to celebrate masses in the name of the deceased and thus be remembered.

On the island it is also normal for cemeteries to extend their schedules this day so that family members and friends can visit the tombs of their loved ones, clean them and decorate them with flowers for November 1st All Saints’ Day.


Carved pumpkin


This Halloween, especially in the commercial centers of the island, pumpkin carving workshops, costume contests and craft workshops are held. In addition, as usual, children from all parts of the island will be disguised in the streets to ask for candy from house to house.


Costume parade!


If you want to spend a terrifyingly fun Halloween there is a place you must visit: Rancho Texas. On Halloween night, the Ranch transforms and converts its entrance garden into a spooky cemetery full of tombstones and coffins lit by candles.


The witch of the Rancho


All the members of the Ranch are terror characters that night: a witch, a corpse bride and her husband, carriages that move without horses … All of them that will make both small and large enjoy a frighteningly funny night.


A scary cabaret

There will also be a parade of costumes, pony rides and gifts for the little ones, and a great barbecue dinner buffet, as it could not be otherwise. There will be also a cabaret and the bow show. Everything that makes an unforgettable night at Rancho Texas but imbued with the magic of Halloween night. You can not miss it!



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