Catamaran I Love La Graciosa

graciosa catamaran cruise

Imagine spending the day on a beautiful catamaran cruising the sea between La Graciosa Island and Lanzarote, spending the day in a unique place with very good vibe, that’s I Love La Graciosa, and that’s what I’ve been able to live in this occasion .

As always when I make an excursion, I go to the chosen pick up point, this time I leave from Avenida del Jablillo, in front of the Hotel Grand Teguise Playa. The truth is that the bus that picks us up is very punctual and once we are all inside we go to the town of Órzola where we take the boat to La Graciosa.

graciosa catamaran trip

Órzola is an old fishing village with a lot of charm, its houses painted white and blue or green doors and windows, as is tradition in the villages of Lanzarote, and its restaurants with fish as a star ingredient…. it could not be otherwise. This is where, after waiting a bit, we embark on the Juanita Cat who arrived at the port to pick us up.

La Graciosa

After leaving the port, we pass Fariones Point and leave to our left the stunning Risco de Famara and go to the small island of Graciosa. An island with unspoiled beaches, streets and dirt roads and only two urban centers, Pedro Barba and Caleta del Sebo where we go.

graciosa catamaran trip

We disembark in this small port and the guides tell us that we can accompany them to know a little of the history of the island or to walk in our air through the town for an hour.

Back to the boat, we wait for a welcome mojito and a tortilla cap while the music starts playing on the catamaran and we all look for a place to get comfortable and enjoy the trip.

graciosa catamaran trip

Montaña Amarilla y la Playa de la Cocina

We approach Yellow Mountain to appreciate its colors and the small cove that is below, in the same skirt of the mountain. This quiet place invites you to immerse yourself in its turquoise waters and sunbathe in its fine sand.

graciosa catamaran trip

Playa de la Francesa

We leave the nearby Playa de la Cocina and we arrive at our destination to spend the rest of the day, Playa de la Francesa where we expect the cushions and kayaks if we want to enjoy them. After the Juanita Cat anchor, it’s time to go ashore if we want. We can go down in some waffles comfortably or just swimming. I have opted for this option to have the opportunity to snorkel and enjoy the incredible seabed of La Graciosa.

graciosa catamaran trip

In the boat we have at our disposal totally free snorkel material and if we want to do some snorkeling with bottle in these wonderful waters we can also practice it, although this is not included in the price of the excursion, for € 20 it is worth to experience the diving with bottle.


While we enjoy the options that we offer to pass the time, on board the food is prepared, a paella and fresh fruit for dessert. When it is ready, we are all called to the ship, and the wafers bring back those on the beach on board.

graciosa catamaran cruise

After eating and getting back on the catamaran, with some drink in hand, the captain gives him to eat, with what is left of the rice, the seagulls that surround the ship on time. The acrobatics of seagulls to catch food in the air delight everyone, especially children.

It is time to leave and leave Playa de la Francesa to make a brief stop in Caleta del Sebo and to get off those who stay on the island. We continue on the boat back to Órzola.


The return we do under the shelter of the impressive figure of Risco de Famara, we pass so close to the shore that we can see some seabirds that nest on the rocks. After passing Fariones Point we will see the port of Órzola before us, our final stop before taking the bus back to our starting point.

graciosa catamaran cruise

But before arriving there is time to continue having fun, the guides upload the music and almost everyone on the boat joins the dance between laughs. A fun party weekend and it leaves you wanting more.

An incredible experience, with good food, drink and great opportunity to spend a full day in an amazing setting and with an unbeatable company. I certainly want to repeat with some other catamaran excursion.

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