IV Concierto en Vela in Arrecife

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On the night of July 1, Arrecife again enjoyed a magical night of music on the water. This year the fourth edition of the Concierto en Vela was organized by the Arrecife Town Hall and the Classical Orchestra of Lanzarote in honor of the Man of the Sea.

The peculiarity of this concert is that it lies in the absolute dependence of climatology to carry it out. Wind, sea and sky have to give their permission to carry it to good port. This year the concert was dedicated to the film soundtracks known to all.

concierto en vela lanzarote arrecife

It is the first year that I have been able to attend and I was surprised by the amount of public that congregated in the accesses more than two hours before the concert began; When the entrance was allowed the flow of people was such that those who arrived stragglers had to see the concert from other sides because the seating area had a capacity of two thousand people and was already filled. Fortunately I arrived with enough time and I was able to enjoy the show from the front lines.

I recommend anyone who wants to see it in upcoming editions to go at least two hours before, there are restaurants that offer a special menu for that night and the possibility of having dinner watching the show.

concierto en vela lanzarote arrecife

When the time came, the lights went out, leaving the Charco illuminated only by the thousands of candles and lanterns that had been placed in the wagons of the Charco, the wall that surrounds it and in the railings and windows of the neighbors.

The orchestra, placed on a platform in the water, surrounded by huge balloons where images were projected, tuned its instruments as a boat approached with the figure of Darth Vader standing in the bow with his lightsaber. When arriving at the platform and after discussing and throwing the man that was in front of the orchestra to the water, took off the helmet, the coat, the saber and greeted the public to begin to direct the orchestra with the main themes of the Star Wars saga.

concierto en vela lanzarote arrecife


While the songs were been played on the floating stage, things were happening around in the water: a battalion of Storm Troopers sailing in a canoe, accompanying the Star Wars themes, Jolateros -boats made of tin- occupied by tin men during the Wizard of Oz, or fireworks with the movements of Aquatic Music of Händel while the Royal Boat crossed the waters with the King Jorge and its entourage inside. All this enlivened by a beautiful composition of images of the films projected on the balloons and the facade of the Multicines Atlantis.

I would like to highlight the performance of the soloists: Judith Pezoa, Besay Pérez, Esther Alfonso and Beni Ferrer; As well as the Children’s Choir of Zerolo School, who put their voices to themes of Life is Beautiful, Chorus Boys or Disney Classics as well known as The Lion King or the Little Mermaid among others.
In total it was more than two hours of good music in an incomparable space, a delight for the senses and the soul. I think it’s going to become one of those dates that I will not miss in subsequent editions.

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