Jet Ski Safari and Parasailing for couples

Even in these dates, the weather in Lanzarote is usually great to enjoy the beach and more if we take advantage that the sea is calm. It is the perfect season to do activities as a couple. That’s why I decided to do two things I had never done before: a jet ski safari and parasailing.


Installations of Paracraft Lanzarote at Marina Rubicón


To carry out the activities I went with my partner to Puerto Marina Rubicón, in Playa Blanca. After a nice walk through this marina and have a drink in one of the places, we went to our appointment with the guys from Paracraft Lanzarote. They immediately gave us the safety instructions and the life jackets we had to wear while we lived our experiences with them.


Coast of Playa Blanca


The first of all was a beautiful walk along the shores of Papagayo riding a jet ski. Both the exit from the port and the walk near the coast were quiet to enjoy the views and take fully control of the jet ski. We passed very close to the Atlantic Museum and the cliffs, beaches and coves that populate the coast of Papagayo until we reach beyond the beach of Puerto Muelas, past Punta de Papagayo. It was there when without fear or disturbing bathers and boats we were able to change the driver and see what we were capable of doing with the bikes.


If we had fun until then, I have to say that we had a death there. Turns, some small race … very fun! And we continued like this all the way back to the port, while from the boat that accompanied us through the crossing, they took pictures of us.


Following the wake of the jet skis


When we got back to the Marina Rubicon, one of the couples with whom we had made the jet ski safari also joined our next activity: Parasailing. The boat was already waiting for us and as soon as we got on and put on our harnesses we left the harbor again.


While the two crew members of the boat explained to us the use of the harness and how to get to the takeoff and landing the boat was moving away from the coast. The truth is that, among those who did the parasailing, the faces varied between faces of extreme illusion of the two children who accompanied us to the faces of “What have I gotten myself into?” from one of the adults.




The passengers of the ship began to fly out two by two, ten minutes suspended from a balloon, a lot of meters from the water and guided by the boat. The faces on returning to the ship can only be described as faces of happiness, a smile from ear to ear and saying that it was a real pass.


Views from above


We were impatient for our turn to arrive, so when we arrived we could hardly wait. We were already placed and prepared when the tug came up that lifted us cleanly from the deck of the ship.

The feeling of being up, suspended only by a huge candle that resembles a parachute, while everything becomes smaller … it is really indescribable. But you understand why when landing everyone has that smile on their face.

The views at so many meters from the ground are incredible, you see the boats underneath, very small, while you are sitting comfortably in the harness.


Landing on deck


After ten minutes where we did not stop letting out exclamations of amazement, it was our turn to go back down. A perfect landing and it was the turn of the last couple and being the last has a surprise … The last ones go to the water!

When we finished, we only had to go back to the Rubicon Marina while we talked about how much fun it had been; leave the harnesses and vests when getting off the boat, and review the photos they had made to us all.

The truth is that it is something that must be done at least once in a lifetime. No excuses! It is hilarious and the sensation of being suspended in the air is impressive. You can also ask for the service of photos and take a magnificent memory.



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