La Graciosa by bike

You can’t beat a visit to La Graciosa! Visit Caleta del Sebo, take a stroll in peace and tranquillity and eat fresh fish at one of the restaurants. Relax on unspoilt beaches with clear blue waters with the impressive Famara cliffs just over the straits (El Rio), or hire a jeep to take you the tiny village of Pedro Barba. But this time around, we’ve decided to see La Graciosa by bike and experience this island in a different and special way.

This time, we’ve decided to visit La Graciosa by bike and enjoy the island in a different and special way.

La Graciosa is the smallest inhabited island in the Canaries. It belongs to a protected natural area called the Chinijo Archipelago which, with seven hundred square kilometres, is Europe’s largest marine reserve. The island’s inhabitants seem to live in perfect harmony with respect for their environment, while also enjoying it to the full. This is what makes La Graciosa a must-visit destination that you’ll remember forever.

If you aren’t staying on La Graciosa, then catch a morning ferry from Orzola to make the most of the day. It’s a short and convenient crossing where you can also admire the magnificent Famara cliffs from below. The views are amazing and leave everyone speechless.

La Graciosa by bike

One thing was clear when we decided to visit La Graciosa: we wanted to do it by bike. We’d planned our route well and we wanted to at least see the famous Playa de las Conchas, as well as the village of Pedro Barba. On the way, however, we discovered other places which we couldn’t possibly leave out.

Caleta del Sebo

Our first point of arrival is Caleta del Sebo, the island’s main town. Time seems to have stood still here, the sandy streets and white houses welcome us to start our day. First of all, we decide to wander around its streets and enjoy a coffee with views over the harbour. The view of the Famara cliffs is really impressive here and we recommend you take a moment to enjoy this first stop of your tour.

It’s easy to rent a bike in Caleta del Sebo and there are several places that offer them. We decide to rent our bikes from El Mato Bikes, to discover the island in an alternative way. Once the bikes are ready and our backpacks fully stocked with water, snacks and sunscreen, we leave Caleta del Sebo and head north towards Playa de las Conchas.

Playa de las Conchas

This is hailed as one of Lanzarote’s most stunning beaches. It’s quiet and less crowded (there was hardly anyone there!). But beware of the currents: they can be very strong, and swimming isn’t always recommended. You can also climb up to the top of the volcano that looks over this beach. We walked up there, as it’s impossible on a bike. We left them parked at the bottom and enjoyed the climb. The views are to die for so it’s well worth it.

la graciosa bike rental

Los Arcos y Playa del Ámbar

We left the first bike stop on our route and rode further north towards Los Arcos and la Baja de las Maspalomas. The waves crash along this rugged coastline and have eroded the volcanic rock to carve impressive stone arches, similar to Los Hervideros in Lanzarote. 

la graciosa bike rental

Playa del Ámbar is the next stop on our route. This beach is normally deserted, and there wasn’t a soul there when we arrived. So, if you want to disconnect, this is the place!

On leaving Playa del Ámbar, we headed for Pedro Barba, the only other village on the island. The bike route is interrupted by softer sand in some parts, making pedalling a little strenuous, but you can always get off and walk, pushing the bike to help it along.


Pedro Barba

We arrive in Pedro Barba to find only a handful of houses, a small harbour and a deserted beach, just for us.

La graciosa bike rental

Unlike Caleta del Sebo, Pedro Barba is mainly a holiday destination. The houses are usually only used during holiday periods. If you thought the streets of Caleta del Sebo were peaceful, well these are on another level. It’s the perfect place for a longer stop, relax a little in the shade of one of the houses, and refuel with a snack or two.

Back to Caleta del Sebo

Our ride back to Caleta del Sebo is quite tough. By this time the sun is relentless, as it’s a hot day without a cloud in the sky. The first part is a fairly long, uphill stretch, but soon becomes easier and more fun. You’re then rewarded with a welcome downhill section that takes you back to base, finishing off our bike tour of La Graciosa.

The streets of Caleta del Sebo are a welcome sight, just as they were this morning. We return the bike and devour a beer and a meal, before lazing on the town beach for the rest of the afternoon.

And lastly, we catch the last boat of the day back to Lanzarote, tired but happy, and taking in the fantastic views of the cliffs as we say goodbye to La Graciosa.


If you want to get to La Graciosa by boat and enjoy a walking or cycling day in this breathtaking island  you can -> get here your ferry tickets to la Graciosa <-. Boat availability is scarce during the summer so book your boat trip to la Graciosa with at least 10 days in advance. 

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