La Graciosa by bike

la graciosa lanzarote bike

risco famara by boatA visit to the island of La Graciosa is always a success. Visit Caleta de Sebo, stroll in the middle of the tranquility, eat a good fish stock in one of its restaurants, enjoy its pristine beaches with crystal clear waters, have as witness of our visit the impressive Risco de Famara on the other side of ” The river” or even rent a car to get to Pedro Barba. But this time, we’ve decided to visit La Graciosa by bike and feel and enjoy the island in a different and special way.

La Graciosa is the smallest inhabited island of the Canary Islands. It forms part of the protected natural space of the Chinijo Archipelago, which, with seven hundred square kilometers, is the largest marine reserve in the entire European Union. And it is the balance in which its inhabitants live, who have managed to combine respect for the environment in which they live and enjoyment of it, which makes La Graciosa a must-see that you will not regret.

The best way to enjoy a visit to the eighth island, if we aren’t staying there, is to take the ferry early in the morning to make the most of the time. The journey is short and comfortable and it give us the opportunity to admire the northern cliffs of Lanzarote from below.

Once we arrive at Caleta del Sebo, the capital of the island of La Graciosa, we took the opportunity to take a walk through its streets of sand or have a coffee overlooking the port. Then it only remains to rent some bikes to ride around the island in a different way.

Once with the bicycles prepared, backpacks with water, something to eat and sun protection, we left Caleta del Sebo in a northerly direction, towards Playa de las Conchas.

Playa de las Conchas

This beach is beautiful, quiet and we usually find few people; Yes, you have to be careful because the currents are strong and the bath is not always recommended.

Playa de las conchas

If we want to climb the volcano that keeps the beach of Las Conchas we can not do it by bike, but we can leave them parked below and enjoy a climb and wonderful views.

Los Arcos y Playa del Ámbar

After this first stop on our bike tour, we pick them up again and head towards the north of the island, towards Los Arcos in the Baja de las Majapalomas, this part of the rugged coast and the action of the sea eroding the volcanic rock has left wonderful arches carved in the stone.

los arcos la graciosa lanzarote

The next stop on our bike ride is Playa del Ámbar. This beach is usually deserted of people and there was not a soul in sight when we stopped a bit in it, so if you want to miss this, it is undoubtedly your beach.

After leaving the Amber beach we head towards Pedro Barba, the other town on the island, this part of the road has stretches that are full of sand and it’s a bit more laborious to cross them on bike … but we can always get off and walk a little!

Pedro Barba

Pedro Barba receives us with its houses, its small dock and its beach totally for us.

pedro barba la graciosa lanzarote

Unlike Caleta del Sebo, Pedro Barba, is a holiday village, usually their homes are only inhabited during vacation time. If the streets of Caleta del Sebo are calm, in Pedro Barba are even more so. It’is the perfect place to make a long stop, rest a bit in the shade of one of the houses and eat something to regain strength.

Vuelta a Caleta del Sebo

The return to Caleta del Sebo is a bit hard, the sun punishes us a lot, something to consider if like the day you have is like ours, almost cloudless and hot. After a more or less long climb, the easy and fun arrives: a long descent that you cannot miss to reach the destination and thus end our tour of La Graciosa by bike.

The streets of Caleta del Sebo receive us after we left them behind in the early hours of the morning. And after leaving the bikes we had beers and something to eat in the town to enjoy the rest of the day at the town beach.

la graciosa lanzarote

It is only time to catch the last boat that takes us back to Lanzarote, tired but very happy and enjoying the breathtaking views of the Risco while we are fired from La graciosa.

Until next time!!

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