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Although Lanzarote, being an island has incredible sea beds which we can enjoy if we take a good dip in any of its beaches, there is also the possibility of seeing the bottom of the sea without having to get wet: the Lanzarote Aquarium of Costa Teguise.

To make the most of the day I always like to visit the sites early, after having breakfast. The aquarium is open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., so I took the car to Costa Teguise, in the direction of Playa de Las Cucharas. The Aquarium is located in El Trébol Shopping Center, next to the Hotel The Zocos. If you go by bus, it is simply to take line 3 and get off at the last stop of Costa Teguise.


Entrada Aquarium Lanzarote
Aquarium Lanzarote


At the entrance we are greeted kindly at the reception, which is also the souvenir shop, where they give us a map with the explanations of the three different areas of the aquarium. To access the aquarium area you have to go down a short flight of stairs although there is also an entrance for wheelchairs. As we descend, we are fully in the aquarium area. Species such as the pejeverde, bream, fula or moray populate the aquariums assigned for the Canary coast.


At the end of this area there are some aquariums destined for the recovery of injured protected animals, such as the loggerhead turtle. This turtle, although it is the one most frequently found in Canary waters, is in danger of extinction. In these aquariums they recover until they can be released again at the sea.


The next area is about tropical reefs; No doubt this is the most colorful area, with brightly colored anemones, sea horses, surgeon fish and clown fish. It is almost impossible not to hear the name Nemo or Dory when a child comes to this part.


Tropical reef fish


After the tropical reef area we reach the submarine tunnel area in which a couple of sharks swim carelessly above us. The feeling of walking through a glass tunnel under tons of water where sharks live is incredible.


Shark Tunnel


After leaving the tunnel, we reach the most interactive area of ​​the aquarium: three tactile aquariums where you have to put your hand to touch stars, sea urchins and sea cucumbers. This area is one of the children’s favorites. There are also some steps where you can sit and admire the Oceanarium. In this huge aquarium there are different sharks, big fish like groupers and a huge stingray that walks majestically throughout the tank as if it were flying instead of swimming.




This visit gives you the opportunity to get to know the seabed without having to get wet and is highly recommended if you go with children, they enjoy it very much.

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