Lanzarote at Christmas: Lights and Portals of Bethlehem

This weekend the Portales de Belén and the Christmas illumination have been inaugurated in most of the island’s towns. So a wonderfulplan if you spend Christmas in Lanzarote is to tour the villages and thus admire the Portals of Bethlehem that are a real wonder.


Bethlehem of La Villa de Teguise


This Bethlehem Portal is located in the Town Hall Square of the Villa de Teguise. Where we can see represented some of the natural and emblematic places of the municipality of Teguise: the mountain of Guanapay with the fortress of the same name at the top, the Risco de Famara with the beach at its feet, the Terraces where the harvest was sowed  and the salt pans of Guatiza. As for the representation of the town of the Villa, it is perfectly embodied in the models of the historical helmet made by the artist Alex Dorta.


Salinas de Guatiza and nativity


Bethlehem and Christmas lights of Tinajo

Upon reaching the town of Tinajo, we receive a large Christmas tree that changes color and is surrounded by bright palm trees and donkeys and peasants made entirely of lights.



The Bethlehem Portal is located in the square, next to the church of San Roque. This nativity scene has large-scale figures, on a real scale, with large buildings. One of the peculiarities of this representation is that the animals that are in the corrals are real animals, ducks, chickens rabbits and peacocks, that together with the extras that participate in it, give the realistic touch to this Living Nativity scene.



Bethlehem of Yaiza

One of the best Portals of Bethlehem, if not the best, of the island is that of Yaiza. Every year this Bethlehem portal is one of the most visited on the island, and for good reason. Located next to La Casa de La Cultura, this year’s portal is 23 meters long by 8 meters wide, respecting the proportions in the representation of the heights of the island orography.



A view of the entire Island of Lanzarote, from the emblematic buildings of Arrecife, such as the church of San Ginés or the Puente de las Bolas, to the Risco de Famara and the island of La Graciosa, with the Mirador del Río Incluído, passing through the Salinas de Janubio and the Montañas del Fuego.



Bethlehem of Tías



In Tías, the Bethlehem Portal is located in the square of the church of San Antonio. A portal that reflects the municipality of Tías in full. From the salt pans of Matagorda to the Varadero de La Tiñosa. More than 150 handicrafts and representative buildings, squares and churches, such as Conil, which is new this year with the salt pans. The detail of the Varadero de la Tiñosa, with the emblematic Red House, the artisanal fishing boats, and the fishing pots and nets are worth seeing.



The rest of the towns of the island also mount their traditional Portals of Bethlehem, and can be visited until after the Night of Kings, all with their peculiarities and showing the most representative of the island in them. So if you still have time you can always visit another one that we have not told you about.

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