Lanzarote’s hidden places

Lanzarote has a lot to offer: its beaches, Las Montañas del Fuego, El Mirador del Río, Cueva de los Verdes … But in Lanzarote there is much more. There are hidden places that will make you fall in love with the island.

One of the things I like to do most when I travel is to take time to get out of the way. Leave behind the guides and plans and discover places and things that you would not otherwise have seen. And Lanzarote, although it is a small island, has many places that do not appear in the travel guides and that are worth approaching.

Los Cocoteros

To the north of the island, on the coast, there is a small town called Los Cocoteros. Getting to it is not easy, because to find the way you’ll have to be very attentive. When crossing the town of Guatiza, you’ll find a small sign that announces the only way to Los Cocoteros. Once we have arrived you’ll have to decide whether to park in the town and its asphalted road, or choose to go towards the salt mines and its dirt road. I recommend this last option, the road although it is dirt is well cared for and can be traveled without problems.


Cala de los Cocoteros is small and has several small houses around it. If the weather is ok you can enjoy a swim. A little further on towards the town, on the shore of the coast, there are the Salinas de Guatiza or the Holes. Some small salinas that are still working, and by which we can walk and see how salt crystals are formed and the different colors they show according to the state of salinization.



If you feel like it, you can continue taking a walk along the same coast to the town, about two hundred meters from the salt mines. The most remarkable thing about this road is the incredible basaltic flows and the buffers expel the water upwards when the waves hit them.

Charco del Palo

Without moving from the north of the island but heading to the town of Mala, you have another entrance that points to a place with a curious name: El Charco del Palo.



This small town is very different from all those that populate the island. It has a unique peculiarity:  it is a naturist town. For more than thirty years this place is known by all those who practice naturism. So it is ideal if you practice nudism. You can walk through its streets, or take a dip in the areas designated for the bath, like the natural pool in the north of the town.



The rest of the coast is not practicable as the waves break very strongly against the rocks but that’s no excuse not to go down and investigate the wonders that the coast has. One of them is the Cueva de la Paloma, a small jameo that is just north of where the town ends. You have to go down a little by a small path of jable and stones, but it’s worth it. You can get inside carefully and enjoy the entrance of the sea in the cave.



These are only two of the Hidden Places of Lanzarote, but there is more, and little by little we will discover them.

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