Museum Nights

Detalle de la mesa, ensalada y croquetas de conejo

As I enjoyed the Night at Jameos del Agua, I did not hesitate to try the Museum Nights. The premise can not be more attractive: visit a museum at night and also enjoy a dinner in one of the most unique restaurants on the island. This time I arrived at a later hour for dinner, although from seven o’clock you can already access the museum and the restaurant.


The Museum


Castillo de San José
San José Castle


The museum is located in the Castillo de San José, in Arrecife, and was built in the 17th century as a defensive fortress against pirate attacks. After a century of neglect, in 1976, it became the International Museum of Contemporary Art.


Una de las salas del MIAC
One of the rooms of MIAC


I think what most attracted me to the idea, apart from enjoying a good dinner, was visiting the museum at night almost without visitors. It’s as if the museum was closed just for you. In addition, stroll through the stone rooms of this fortress, where works of modern art hang from its walls, creating a unique contrast between the modern and the ancient.


Bajada a QueMuac
Descent to QueMuac


After walking through the rooms admiring the works, we started to get hungry. That was the sign to go to the restaurant: the QueMuac, located in the lower part of the castle. We went down the stairs that give access to the restaurant room from the museum, where the music that was entertaining the evening of those who were enjoying their dinner was already going up.


The dinner

The room of the QueMuac is a wide room with a totally glazed wall and views of the quays of the city and some of the sculptures that can be seen in the “Atlantic Museum”. A DJ was entertaining the dinner of the assistants while images of César Manrique and his works were projected on one of the walls.


Detalle de la mesa, ensalada y croquetas de conejo
Detail of the table, salad and rabbit croquettes


As starters a salad, with zero kilometer products, and some rabbit croquettes that were incredibly good.


Gambas de La Santa
Shrimp from La Santa


Special mention for another local product, the shrimps of La Santa. You really should not miss the opportunity to try them, and this time, made grilled and with spherifications of citrus, were an authentic delight.

As main courses we chose one of meat and one of fish; the meat was a steak tenderloin with a nest of straw potatoes that was in place.


Solomillo de novillo
Steak tenderloin


And since there were two of us, I had the opportunity to try the cherne with lyophilized spinach and vegetable bed, also at its point. Two main courses flawless.


Cherne con espinacas liofilizadas y cama de verduras
Cherne with lyophilized spinach and vegetable bed


To finish the dinner, it was time for dessert: a sheet of chocolates in the shape of a teardrop  with a thin sponge cake and a light lemon mousse on top with a layer of pina colada cream and forest fruit sauce. A great dessert to close a great dinner.


Postre de chocolate y mousse de limón
Chocolate dessert and lemon mousse


Without a doubt it is an experience taht can be repeated again and again. The atmosphere of the magnificent QueMuac and the treatment by the staff is impeccable, they make you feel very comfortable and at all times are attentive to your requests.

A great idea to combine culture and food: a success. You can not miss it!

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