Music Hall Tavern Show

Lanzarote has many things that we can enjoy, both at day time and at night. And one of those offered by the night is a fun Drag show at the Music Hall Tavern, in Puerto del Carmen. A show in English, suitable for the whole family.

We wanted to have a different and fun night so we headed to Puerto del Carmen, to La Peñita Shopping Center, on Avenida de las Playas. As the show started at 7:30 p.m., we decided to arrive with time to park and look for the place. The Music Hall Tavern is located on the second floor of this small shopping center, just enter the courtyard, on the left, we have the stairs that go up to the premises.


Entrance to MHT


Before entering, we took a photo in the photocall with two of the show girls. The hall of the place is small and cozy, there they received us kindly to indicate us the table that they had assigned us. In our case it was a table for two, on stage. As soon as we had settled down, they came to take note of what we wanted to drink while the place was filling up with the rest of the audience that night, by the way, very varied, from couples like us, to families with children or friends celebrating a birthday.


The public having a great time


When the room was already complete with the spectacle attendants, it was announced that dinner would be served, and then the show would begin. The dinner consisted of a soup of first, a plate of meat as a second, to choose between turkey and veal, and for dessert an ice cream. All very good and so plentiful, that I could not finish my plate.


Main Dish

With the dessert on the table the show started, the girls introduced themselves as Beau, with her elegant short hair to Liza Minnelli, Jessica, the Spanish of the group, Diana, the youngest and most crazy, and Carrie, the presenter of the night. By the way, advertising tells us that we can see the best legs of the island … and it’s true!

The numbers that followed were simply hilarious, double meanings, jokes with the public. And the purely physical humor based on mimicry made that immediately all the attendees were laughing out loud.


The girls in action


The girls are incredibly funny, arriving at some point to not be able to avoid the laughter between them. As the show progressed, the “victims” among the audience were taking confidence with the allusions that the girls made about them. Especially Carrie and Beau, who fought for the affection of one of the young people sitting in the front row.


One of the funniest moments was the entire audience singing together with Carrie one of the main themes of Sonrisas y Lágrimas. In the middle of the show there is a break to get up and go to the service, or go out to the side of the store to buy some souvenir of the show, as well as buy the photos that we did in the photocall of the entrance.


Carrie in “The Sound of Music”


Back in our seats with the souvenir photos began the second part of the show. After some more numbers, to finish the night a raffle was organized, where there were many different prizes, from merchandising of the Music Hall Tavern to bottles of wine or vodka.


The Spice Girl could not miss


At the end the girls were outside waiting to say goodbye to all the attendees. We said goodbye to them, thanking them for the fun night we had spent. And telling them that we would recommend it to all our friends. Honestly, we had an extremely fun night.

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