Órzola and Caletón Blanco

In the north of Lanzarote, just at the end of the island, is the small town of Órzola. This picturesque fishing village is the one located to the north of the island and from which we can take the boat to the island of La Graciosa.




The huge massif of the Risco de Famara rises just behind the town of Órzola; below, the houses painted white with blue doors and windows. Those tones so characteristic of the coastal towns of the island, which come from when the houses were painted with lime to reflect the heat and keep them cool, and the doors and windows with the paint that was left over from painting the boats. That is why it is so common to see the coastal houses of white and blue, and those of the interior of white and green.

The entrance to Órzola has no loss, the main street takes us directly to its small port where the ferry leaves for La Graciosa, the small inlet is dotted with artisanal fishing boats that continue to fish in the same way that was done in time of their parents and grandparents.




From the pier there is a small promenade that borders the harbor, you walk fast and you can enjoy the views of the town with the Risco de Famara in the background. In this walk, we have several specialized restaurants, as it could not be otherwise in a fishing village, in fresh fish; totally recommendable to eat in one of its terraces, or simply to take something looking at the sea.


Tapeo in Órzola


Near Órzola there is one of those beaches that leave you speechless, the Caletón Blanco, a beautiful virgin beach of white sands dotted with the green of the matos, crystal clear waters and surrounded by black volcanic rock.


Caletón Blanco Panoramic view


The contrast between black, white and blue is beautiful. Nature has wanted to make a kind of natural pool, with the same volcanic rock acting as a dike between the ocean and the beach; therefore one can take a bath without fear of the currents.


El Caletón and Órzola


It is one of those perfect plans to the north of the island, stroll through Órzola, eat or drink while we enjoy the charming atmosphere of a small sailor, and then spend the rest of the day on a beach like no other.


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