Papagayo Waterbus

I usually go to Papagayo by car, I arrive at the Ajaches Natural Park, and once there I go to the parking areas and walk to the beach, but this time I will arrive by sea. Taking advantage of the good weather we have to reach the coasts of Papagayo in the best possible way, I take a mini cruise: the Papagayo Waterbus.

Papagayo is one of the quieter and more beautiful areas of Lanzarote, I would almost say a must visit; once you step on the golden sands of its beaches and bathe in its crystal clear waters, I assure you that you will want to spend the day there.

To take the waterbus to Papagayo we have chosen the exit of the commercial pier of Playa Blanca, there is no loss, we found the boat waiting as soon as we left the car, so once delivered the ticket (which can be bought at the Touristticket box office in the entrance of the pier) and a rubber bracelet is given to us  to show to get back on board if we get off at any of the possible landing points we board the boat.

Papagayo waterbus


The upper deck has benches in case we want to make the trip out, which we do to enjoy the view of the town of Playa Blanca and the sea breeze. The lower deck has more seating and a small bar where we can order hot or cold drinks and some snacks.


Marina Rubicón

The first stop is in the Marina Rubicón. We went here to wander around this beautiful marina.

Marina Rubicón lanzarote

As it is Saturday, in addition to the views of the numerous boats that dock on its quays, shops and restaurants and cafes, we can enjoy a varied market with all kinds of products and souvenirs. From very early on there is a lot of activity from people walking, shopping or drinking something. Perfect to enjoy a morning of shopping on Saturday.

marina rubicon shopping lanzarote

After walking, we sat on one of the numerous terraces to enjoy a drink while we watched the scenery. When the time comes for the next stop of the Waterbus we go to the point and we embark again in the direction of Papagayo beach.

On the way to our destination we make a strategic stop to feed the fish. The boat is glass-bottomed on each side and there are stairs that lead us to some compartments that are submerged and have windows so we can see how the fish swirl to eat the pieces of bread that the sailors throw at the cover. After watching the fish eat, we started the march towards our destination.



The end of the route is none other than Papagayo beach, a small and beautiful beach on the south coast of the island. This beach is surrounded by large and small coves; it is possible to go from one to another without much problem.

At the top of the cliff that surrounds the beach there is a restaurant where we can enjoy traditional food and incredible views of the beach.

To take advantage of the day, my recommendation is to get off at the first ferry and have breakfast in Marina Rubicon, then at midmorning take the next ferry to Papagayo and spend the day there, enjoying the beach and rushing the time to catch the last ferry in the afternoon that makes the trip back to the wharf of Playa Blanca. Of course, if you like this option … Do not forget to wear enough sun protection!

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