Quemao Class Surfing Competition 2018

The Ola del Quemao is located on the coast of the town of La Santa, northwest of the island. It is a wave for experts, because in the area the waves are very strong, and can measure up to three meters. What he likes most about this wave to the professional surfers, without a doubt, are his perfect and deep tubes. Some compare it with the mythical Hawaiian Pipeline. And taking advantage of this incredible wave, the Quemao Class has been held for four years, a competition attended by national and international surfers and bodyboarders. This event, which only goes by invitation, is usually held between October and December when the weather conditions make it possible to carry it out. And this year that date has come to be on November 28 and 29.


Poster of the Quemao Class 2018 with the homage to David Infante


Although the development of the competition was held during the week, the attendance of the public has been very positive. Not only has it been possible to follow the event by going to see it live, but through the facebook page of Quemao Class. In it you can see videos and photos of this year’s competition.


Final classification in the Surf category


Of the 32 surfers and 32 bodyboarders who came to play this race, among which stand out names like: Aritz Aranburu, Jonathan Gonzalez, Andrew Cotton, Conor Maguire or Nic Von Rupp among the surfers and: Alexandra Rinder, Dave Hubbard or Amaury Laverne among The bodyboarders, went to the end of the second day, the 16 best of each category. So that finally, the Canarian surfer Jonathan González and the French bodyboarder Amaury Laverne would rise with the victory, in a very disputed final.


Final classification in the Bodyboard category


Without forgetting either the tribute in memory of David Infante ‘El Fula’, Canary surfer who lost his life on January 1, 2009 when surfing the Ola del Quemao.

If you like surfing, Lanzarote is an excellent place to practice it, both expertly and amateur. If you have never surfed but you would like it, do not hesitate!

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