Saturday’s Market in Haría

market haria lanzarote

It is not uncommon for me to get up on a Saturday with the desire to visit Haría, and spend some time in the marke.

Haría is one of those villages with a special charm, located in the north of the island in a valley full of palm trees, and that is another of the names given to Haría: the Valley of a Thousand Palms. Its particular microclimate makes it the greenest point of the island, being very pleasant to visit in summer when the heat is in other points of the island, and in winter if we want to give us the sight with the explosion of greenery that takes place when it rains a bit.


Mercado de Haría

Apart from the charms that the village has on its own, on Saturdays is held its artisan market in the square of the church. The artisans of Haría have make a living of their work until this time developing their art with tenacity and effort to offer us the fruit of their work.

Craft market

After looking for parking we head towards the village, this is a completely pedestrian square with trees on the sides giving a magnificent shade, with some cafes and restaurants between the houses on the sides and with the village church in the background.


At ten o’clock in the morning, the stands are already in place to receive the public, and they close at two-thirty in the afternoon. The charm of this market for me lies in how small it is, the stalls are not repeated and we do not feel like seeing the same thing several times.

Walking in front of the stalls I admire the works of jewelry made of silver or with volcanic stone in its majority, the works of rosettes, the dolls, the baskets and candles craft.


We can also find ecologically grown land products, products made with aloe vera, jams made with tunera, homemade pastries or goat’s cheese. I don’t usually miss out the opportunity to buy some cheese every time I go, they have many different varieties.

Mercado Municipal de Abastos

Haria market lanzarote

After walking a little and buying some of the wonderful products I like to eat something in Mercado Municipal de Abastos de Haría. This small and picturesque market is located in the street Barranco de Tesnesia next to the Shop and Municipal Workshop of Craft (from where many of the products that we see in the craft market every Saturday). It opens from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


Haria market lanzarote

Inside we find a herbalist, a candy store, a fish market, a butcher’s and cheese shop, one with fruit and vegetables and a stand of prepared foods that also offer table service.

It is ideal to eat good cuisine from the land and water it with a glass of wine from the country at a good price. The food is homemade and very tasty.


Definitely an excellent choice to spend half a Saturday in the north of the island, good views, quiet and friendly atmosphere and good food.

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