Sport Fishing in Lanzarote

Sport Fishing in Lanzarote

Among the many nautical activities that we can do on an island such as Lanzarote, sport fishing could not be absent. And that is precisely what we did on this occasion. To do this, we got up early and went to Puerto Calero where, right next to the Touristticket box office, our ship was waiting for us.

The crew received us kindly and as soon as we were all on board, both fishermen and companions, moorings were released. The boat is very well equipped boat with three cabins, two bathrooms, kitchen and a spacious lounge. During the trip to the first fishing spot that we tried that day, two trolling rigs were launched to try their luck.


Departure from the pier of Puerto Calero

Taking advantage of the spectacular day and that the sea was calm, my partner and I went forward to enjoy the views of the coast of Los Ajaches comfortably lying on the mats and with a soft drink in hand. This gave us the chance to see the flying fish, which were jumping on the water on the sides of the boat.


Enjoying the spectacular day at the bow


Before reaching the fishing point, near the Punta de Papagayo, the trolling gear was collected which was completely empty, there had been no luck this time. When anchoring, the rods were already prepared so that the fishermen of the day could prove their ability.

During the morning, the fishermen went up different types of fish, brecas, blacksmiths, snails … even some puffer fish and spider fish, with which we must be especially careful because it has a poisonous spine on the dorsal fin which can leave us unpleasant memory when trying to unhook it from the hook.


One of the catches of the day


The rods were very well prepared with lead and two hooks at different heights to have more opportunities in each set. To throw, you did not have to do it hard, almost simply by dropping the lead and waiting a bit to feel the fish biting on the hook and then picking up the line. The catches were returned to the water as they were caught. Meanwhile, the companions took advantage to take pictures and enjoy their drinks and the views.


Fishing in front of Los Ajaches


Halfway through the morning, one of the crew, served us some hot sandwiches as well as some snacks before announcing that we were going to head right in front of Papagayo Beach to continue fishing and those of us who wanted could give us a bath. Occasion that we do not waste.


Fishing rods


After having a good time on the shores of Papagayo, it was time to return to port. The fishing day was over, but not before returning to try your luck with the troll on the way back. He did not want luck to be with us, either on this occasion. But it’s something that every fisherman knows, you do not always get lucky.


Arrival in Puerto Calero


We said goodbye to the crew upon arrival in Puerto Calero. We had all had an amazing day and a lot of fun. It is a perfect experience to enjoy it as a couple or as a family, whether you are an expert fisherman or not. The crew is very friendly and experienced, and they have no problem helping the fishermen and giving them advice so they can enjoy their fishing day and relax to the fullest.

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