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ebike tour lanzarote

ebike tour lanzaroteA little while strolling through Playa Blanca I saw some kind of chopper-style electric bikes that caught my attention, and I was not the only one, many people turned their heads looking at them with curiosity. So we had to prove that such was taking one, and what better than to do an Eco Tour with our Star Motors friends?

The first to say that they really are not bikes, they are electric scooters with an autonomy of about twenty kilometers, but their appearance gives the catch.
For today we are going to make a route by White Beach of the hand of Beni; the first thing comes first, so after the presentations, he goes on to explain the rules of circulation and security that we have to follow. Star Harleys can be taken without a license and from the age of 15 with parental consent. They can also ride children with their parents thanks to a safety harness.

We choose motorbike and we go out to an area where we can practice and go get a little confidence. Although I’ve been on a motorcycle occasionally, I’ve never worn one, and although the Star Harley is not exactly a motorcycle, if it behaves like one, you have to lie on the curves and use your feet to lean against the stops.

The truth is that in a few minutes you have to take her. They are quite fun to drive and because they are electric they do not make any noise … and they do not pollute!


Red mountain

After the first contact we went to Montaña Roja; we stop for a moment at your foot to admire this volcano of 200 m. of height before continuing our walk until the Pechiguera. Specifically up to your lighthouse.

ebike tour lanzarote
Red Mountain


The lighthouse at Punta Pechiguera

We do not have to cross a lot until we reach our next stop, the Lighthouse of Pechiguera. The old lighthouse, now in disuse, declared a monument in 2002, after almost 120 years of service. Its older and more modern brother is the one that serves today as a lighthouse for the Strait of Bocaina that separates Lanzarote from Fuerteventura.

We take some photos and we go to one of those incredible places that has the island:

ebike tour lanzarote

The Marettes

Walking along a promenade dotted with luxury villas on the very shore of the sea, we arrive at the southern part of the Maretas, a natural swimming pool that we find in the southwest of the island, in good weather we can bathe and enjoy a quiet and tremendously beautiful place.


ebike tour lanzarote

The dock

Time to return to the town of Playa Blanca. We have already practiced enough to feel comfortable with the traffic and have no problem, so let’s enjoy the smooth driving of the Star Harleys until we reach the commercial wharf of Playa Blanca, where we make a brief stop to take some photos and continue crossing the town until you reach the next point.

ebike tour lanzarote
The dock


The Castle of las Coloradas

The Tower of the Eagle or Castillo de las Coloradas, stands as the only defensive building in the south of the island. Built in the 18th century to protect the island from pirate attacks. It is located a few meters from Playa de las Coloradas and can be reached by means of a beautiful promenade.

ebike tour lanzarote
Las Coloradas

We continue to enjoy this wonderful and silent walk.


Marina Rubicón

The Rubicón Marina is a beautiful marina located between the town of Playa Blanca and the natural monument of the Ajaches. We walk quietly admiring the boats that are docked in the port until arriving at the end of the pier to take the last photo of our tour.

ebike tour lanzarote
Marina Rubicón


The end

Before returning and taking advantage of the width of the dock and its tranquility, Beni offers us a small race, only to the next street lamp. You put us in position and we leave as fast as we can. Obviously I got the first, but for very little!
We return to the village, back to the Commercial Pier, enjoying strolling in the middle of Playa Blanca. It has been a walk of more than an hour and a half that has become short and we have enjoyed very much. Beni has been an excellent and very fun guide; also gives us a video with the photos that has been taking us along the route so that we have a nice memory of the day.
Another pleasant experience that I take, with the promise to return with friends to enjoy as we have done.

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