The Mirador del Río and the Cacti Garden

Entrada Mirador del Río

To end my experience visiting the Tourist Centers of the Island, I have approached to the Mirador del Río in the North of the Island, and then, to the Garden of Cactus, in Guatiza. The first thing is  to reach the northern part of the island. I like to vary the route whenever I can so as not to miss the different landscapes that such a small island can offer you.

The Mirador del Río

As the first Center of the day to visit I have chosen the Mirador del Río. What better way to start the day than to enjoy the beautiful views that its privileged situation gives us. Located at the top of the Risco de Famara, the building conceived by César Manrique is a clear example of the harmony that the artist pursued throughout his life integrating naturally the building with its surroundings. When we arrived at the parking area we found a large sculpture, the hallmark of Manrique, which welcomes us to the Mirador del Río, covered with volcanic stone and integrated into the cliff.

Entrada Mirador del Río
Mirador del Río Entrance


Upon entering we find walls of pristine whiteness and hardwood floors in a corridor decorated with ceramic from the island. The corridor opens onto a large living room with large windows in which visitor rest and enjoy the views while eating something.

Salón del Mirador del Río
Mirador del Río’s Living Room


The living room is very nice, both for a having a drink and to sit on the sofa for a while while you look through the windows. But there is more: the best, without doubt, is the outside where we can enjoy the wonderful views of the Chinijo Archipelago with the island of La Graciosa in the foreground.

La Graciosa
La Graciosa


The balcony outside is also covered with volcanic stone, and if you stay long enough you can surely see some of the different birds that nest on the cliff. In my case I could see a couple of crows and a hawk in full hunting.

Balconada del Mirador
Balconada del Mirador



You can also access the upper part by a spiral staircase that is in the living room and that passes through the souvenir shop, full of memories of our visit to the island, to climb to the roof of the viewpoint. There we have another point to enjoy the views that the viewpoint offers us. To our back we have a magnificent view of the Volcano of the Crown.


Parte superior del Mirador
Top of the Mirador

After enjoying the views of the Mirador del Río, the last stop awaits us, the Cacti Garden of Guatiza. Among cacti fields we find the Cacti Garden, with a giant metal cactus pointing to the place, it has no loss.

The Cacti Garden

We are facing another of the works of César Marique: a large garden built in volcanic stone with terraces on several levels and more than 450 different types of cacti belonging to all parts of the world. Upon entering, as we go down the stairs we find a gigantic 8-meter cactus. The cobbled paths create a pleasant walk that meanders among the largest cacti and stone structures of reddish tones.

Molino del Jardín de Cactus
Mill of the Cacti Garden


In the middle of the garden there is a pond which is born from the waterfall formed by the mouth of a singular stone monster and populated by colored tents.

Monstruo de Piedra
Stone Monster


An old mill, which was used to grind grain, dominates the stamp from above. You can visit it and the photo from there is beautiful.

Jardín de Cactus
Cacti Garden



Before leaving the Garden, I took the opportunity to eat something in the restaurant. Some potatoes wrinkled with mojo and, if you dare, a cactus burger – it sounds strange but it’s good.

Comida en el Jardín de Cactus
Comida en el Jardín de Cactus


A perfect place if you like plants and photography, cacti are ideal for making some very beautiful and different photographs.

Undoubtedly, the Mirador del Río and the Jardín de Cactus are two places to visit that you should not miss when you travel to Lanzarote.


Guided tours of northern Lanzarote

There are other ways to discover Lanzarote, in this case, the north. One very interesting and original excursion is the  North tour. Not only will it take you to Mirador del Río and see its breath-taking views of La Graciosa and the Chinijo Archipelago, you’ll also have the chance to discover the eight Canary Island for yourself.

Once on the bus we head towards Lagomar, the house once owned by Omar Sharif. Set on a mountainside in a former quarry, today the white walls of the shelter pools, gardens and also a bar and restaurant.

Lagomar museum in Lanzarote

The excursion then takes you to Orzola to catch the Lineas Romero ferry that will transport you to the paradise island of La Graciosa. Make the most of your time and explore the sandy streets of Caleta del Sebo, visit some of the beaches and admire the impressive Famara Cliffs before you.

To round off the day: Mirador del Río This time you’ll see La Graciosa from above, as well as the islets that make up the Chinijo Archipelago. An unforgettable final touch.


Do you want to visit La Graciosa? Fancy exploring Lagomar? Discover -> LAGOMAR AND LA GRACIOSA <- on this guided tour.

Hiking in the north

You can go hiking at any time of year in Lanzarote as temperatures are fairly stable all year round. But there’s something very special about doing a hiking north route Lanzarote tour from December to March. The volcanic landscape turns a shade of green, thanks to the sparse showers from the previous months, creating a beautiful contrast against the black rock and the blue ocean.

One place you’ll visit on this walk is Volcán de la Corona. Did you know that eruptions from this volcano formed the magnificent visitor centres of Jameos del Agua and Cueva de los Verdes? They are both set in the same volcanic tunnel that continues under the sea.

La Corona volcano in the north of Lanzarote


Live this experience visiting the excursion  -> HIKING IN THE NORTH OF LANZAROTE <- and discover incredible corners.

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