Timanfaya National Park

Boca de Volcán

Following my route through the Tourist Centers of Lanzarote, it was the turn of the Timanfaya National Park. Located south of the island, in the municipalities of Yaiza and Tinajo.


Diablillo de Timanfaya
Timanfaya’s Imp


As when I visited the Cueva de los Verdes, it is recommended to go early since it has a large influx of visitors and there may be queues. So I left early to be there before ten o’clock in the morning. After sealing the ticket at the entrance is when you really access the road of the park, just under a kilometer along a paved road between a sea of ​​volcanic rocks lead to a parking lot on the top of a hill: the Islet of Hilario.


El Diablo Restaurant

Restaurante con vistas a los Volcanes
Restaurant with views of the Volcanoes


At the top of Hilario’s Islet we have the beautiful El Diablo restaurant, the work of the Lanzarote’s artist César Manrique. It has spectacular views of the Park, and you can have breakfast or lunch looking at the landscape of another planet that make up the volcanoes of Timanfaya.


Higuera de Hilario
Fig tree of Hilario


The Kiln Grill of Timanfaya is a hole that goes into the basement of the Mountains of Fire, where taking advantage of the geothermal energy and using grills on which to deposit food is cooked much of the food that can be tasted in the Restaurant El Diablo .


Horno-Asador de Timanfaya
Timanfaya Oven-Grill


Fire and Water


Simply by touching the ground you can already feel the heat emanating from the earth. The temperature of the ground is so high that outside the restaurant, the workers of the park, make demonstrations by pouring water through tubes inserted into the ground, which in a few seconds is fired in the form of a geyser.


Géiser en el Islote
Geyser in the Islet


We can also see a little below as simply introducing a dry bush into a hole in the ground, after a few seconds it burns into flames, simply with the heat that is released from the interior of the earth. It is not surprising that this place is known as The Fire Mountains.


Fuego del interior de la Tierra
Fire from the interior of the Earth


Tour of the Volcanoes

After the demonstrations, it is our turn to have a ride in bus through the volcanoes. Every so often a bus leaves to do the route that explains how the eruptions that gave shape to this area of the island were thanks to the newspaper’s notes of the parish priest of the time.


Paseo en Bus
Bus Ride


The beauty of the terrain leaves you speechless, the reds and blacks that the lava has left in its wake and the formations that transport us to lunar or Martian landscapes creates a succession of unique sensations that remain etched in the retina.


Manto de la Virgen
Mantle of the Virgin


The bus tour lasts just over half an hour, about fourteen kilometers accompanied by the history of the eruptions in Spanish, English and German, with a soundtrack that eclipsed us at times.


Boca de Volcán
Mouth of the Volcano


Without a doubt, the visit to the Timanfaya National Park is a must when you visit Lanzarote. Simply incredible. It’s like traveling to another planet for a few hours.

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