Traditional Carnival of Teguise

Carnival is a party in which everything is fun, costumes, parties, music and parades. One of the best times to visit the islands and enjoy the debauchery of these parties. But the Carnivals are a celebration with tradition, and are still celebrated in some places in the traditional way. To enjoy them you have to approach the Traditional Carnival of Teguise.

In Lanzarote, as in all the Canary Islands, the Carnival is celebrated with much enthusiasm. The Carnival begins in the streets of the capital  first and then in the villages during the following weekends. Thus, this year they began in Arrecife at the beginning of February and, since they ended with the Burial of the Sardine on February 14, the different towns have been taking turns celebrating them in their own way.

 Teguise Carnival

In the municipality of Teguise, apart from the usual Carnival, which takes place both in La Villa and in Costa Teguise and on the island of La Graciosa from March 2 until day 10, it also has the Traditional Carnival of Teguise. This Traditional Carnival is celebrated on March 2 in the Plaza de la Constitución of Villa de Teguise from 8:00 pm.

Two of the groups with more tradition in the festivities and Carnival of the island are the Diabletes de Teguise and La Parranda de los Buches.

The Diabletes, with masks that are a mixture of devils and bulls, with big horns and red tongues, dressed in clothes painted with red and black rhombuses and laden with small bells that sound in their wake as they chase and scare children and neighbors since the century XVI.

Teguise Carnival

La Parranda Marinera de Los Buches, in its origins, in the nineteenth century, were sailors who during Carnival time dressed in the festive clothes of the country people, although exaggerating the clothes to make fun, and with the face covered by painted netting or wire cloth, they beat the assistants with swollen and swollen fish. Nowadays the Parranda follows this tradition to the sound of the seafaring songs that the rest of the group interprets.



This year, for the six centuries since the founding of the Villa de Teguise, will be present in this celebration Canarian groups such as Los Diabletes de Teguise and Parranda Marinera Los Buches, Los Toros de Tao and Tiagua, Lanzarote; the Traditional Carnival of La Aldea and the Chirimurga del Timple, of Gran Canaria; the Old Burial of the Sardine of Buenavista of the North of Tenerife; The Powders and the El Golpito Parranda. From outside the Canary Islands they will have Los Caretos de Ousilhao, from Portugal.

All an opportunity to live the carnival in its most traditional and varied form.

Photos courtesy of the City of Teguise

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