VI Cheese and Goat Fair

Feria del Queso y la Cabra


Last weekend the VI Cheese and Goat Fair was held in Playa Blanca by Saborea Lanzarote, Association of Artisan Cheese Shops of Lanzarote, the Regulating Board of the Denomination of Origin Wines of Lanzarote, the City Council of Yaiza and the Cabildo of Lanzarote


Feria del Queso y la Cabra 1


Attending this event is the best way to taste two of the most representative products of the island of Lanzarote: Cheese and Goat Meat. Where can we find everything from the most traditional elaborations to avant-garde dishes gathered in the same place?

During the two days that the fair lasted, free cooking workshops were held where attendees learned to make some dishes from the hands of chefs from renowned restaurants on the island and from the cheese factories participating in the event.


Feria del Queso y la Cabra 5


The prominence of the cheese was undeniable, all stands had dishes made with cheese or dairy products, a real delight for cheese lovers.

In the fair could not miss the wines of the land, or craft beers, matching perfectly the exquisite dishes of cheese and kid. The sweets, how could it be otherwise, made with cheese most, were not missing in this fair.


Feria del Queso y la Cabra 4


Another important part of the fair are the showcookings. Undoubtedly another of its great attractions, have the opportunity to see the chefs making the dishes that could be tasted at the time, and by the audience.


Feria del Queso y la Cabra 3


This year, the first Popular Contest of El Cabrito was also held, aimed at non-professional chefs. All enlivened by live music concerts during the two days, making the atmosphere even more festive.

As in other editions, the funds raised in the soft drink outlets went to a charitable cause. This time the proceeds went to the NGO: Creciendo Yaiza, dedicated to children and young people with special educational needs, disability or risk to suffer, have equal opportunities.


Feria del Queso y la Cabra 2


If you have not been able to attend the fair, you can already go on the agenda that you can not miss the next or visit any of the restaurants on the island that perfectly cook these two flagship products of our island.

And if you are a lover of cheese and want to try other cheeses besides those made in Lanzarote, you can not miss the opportunity to take a leap to our sister island, Fuerteventura, and enjoy its cheeses and everything you have for offer.



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