Walking under the sea: Sea Trek

Sea Trek Lanzarote

In an island like Lanzarote, with a unique marine environment, there are many aquatic activities that we can do; From simply going to the beach and swimming to surfing, scuba diving, jet skiing, snorkeling and … walking underwater, or how how is it called, Sea Trek!

The concept of walking underwater broke all the schemes, I have swimming and snorkeling  under control, but the trekking had puzzle me. So I could not wait to try it.

Sea Trek Lanzarote

Another day and I am ready to live a new and exciting experience. On the Jablillo Avenue, just as we descend towards Playa del Jablillo is Native Diving Lanzarote, a 5-star PADI diving school that offers multiple courses and activities related to scuba diving in Lanzarote, which has the exclusive Sea Trek system.

As usual, I choose the first hour to develop the activity, in this case this preference is because I know the beach and that there are fewer swimmers in the first hour.

Before putting on the neoprene suits give us a talk about how to use the helmets and safety signs that we must know to communicate with the divers that accompany us.



When we arrive at the shore of the beach we can see the rafts with two air cylinders each and some tubes that are connected to the helmets that are already in the water waiting for us. The helmets weigh thirty-two kilos so we put them in the water with the help of the divers. Once inside the water the helmets weigh “only” six kilos and allow us to walk in the sea bottom without leaving us floating to the surface and to breathe with total normality.

Sea Trek Lanzarote

The feeling you have when you start walking is like if you were walking on the lunar surface, that semi-weightlessness that we see in the movies. The truth is that it is a unique sensation. The trick to walk with the helmet can not be simpler: walk upright, the helmet is fully open underneath so lets us poke the hand to compensate if we need it as we go down, or wear glasses if we need them.

After getting used to the feeling of weightlessness we begin to walk following Victor, our guide, and soon we are surrounded by a bank of fish that pass without shame between us, so close that it is possible to touch them. The transparency of the waters of Lanzarote and its marine diversity makes the sea bottom a delight for sight.


Inhabitants of the sea


Throughout our walk under the water we were surrounded by countless fish that followed us curious. Victor led us near a few stones where we could catch and touch three of its inhabitants, a starfish, a dancer and a sea cucumber.

Sea Trek Lanzarote

Carefully trying not to hurt them we passed them from hand to hand to be able to observe them better, it is an experience to be able to see up close and touch these inhabitants of the sea, to finally leave them again where we had found them.

Then it was time to make some funny photos with the things that the Native Diving guys had prepared for the occasion as a reminder of the experience.

Sea Trek Lanzarote

Once back on the shore we said goodbye to Victor and the rest of divers who accompanied us on our walk to then go change and collect the photos and videos of this wonderful experience.

Sea Trek Lanzarote

It is really a unique and unforgettable experience, the best of all is the ease with which it is performed, always under the watchful eye of the guides who are there at all times watching over our safety while developing the activity. Something remarkable is that there is also the possibility of living this experience if you have reduced mobility. With a special chair you can break down barriers and enjoy something unique!


Would you like to have this experience too? Book your –> SEA TREK <– tour and walk under the sea!

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