Wine tasting at La Geria

La Geria Lanzarote

La Geria is synonymous of wine, the best wines of the island are born from their vines planted in holes of volcanic ash and protected by stone walls in the shape of a half moon. This way of cultivating the grape, makes impossible the mechanization of the collection of the grape, but allows it to be protected from the winds that hit the island and take advantage of the humidity to turn it into an excellent wine.

The peculiarity of the grapes grown in Lanzarote is that they have not suffered the phylloxera, this insect fortunately did not reach the Canary Islands, so when the European vineyards were devastated by this plague in the 19th century, the wine production of Lanzarote served to cover part of the European demand until the European vineyards recovered, mostly with American vine grafts, more resistant to this aphid. So the vines of Lanzarote are cultivated with frank foot, without a doubt that is the key of the liquid jewels in the form of wine that we can find in the island.

geria lanzarote

What better way to appreciate all this, than with a wine tasting in some of La Geria’s wineries.

Any day is good to visit them but you have to bear in mind that some of them close on Sundays, so it’s worth checking beforehand. We can visit them by free or with some excursion already programmed.

Los Bermejos Winery

For this occasion we decided to go free and one day during the week. The beginning of our tasting route began at Bodega Los Bermejos, the winery closest to the Monumento al Campesino, in San Bartolomé.

bodega bermejos lanzarote vino geria

Getting to it, perhaps is a bit more difficult than the rest since it is not on the main road, but if we are attentive and follow the signs we will not have any problem. The Camino a los Bermejos takes us right to a beautiful house surrounded by vineyards and with a tree-lined path.

After choosing the wines we are going to taste, we go to the terrace to sit and enjoy the views while they bring us the glasses: organic dry malvasia, black list of carbonic maceration, muscatel and semisweet malvasia.

Apart from the good wine it is highly recommended to walk around the house and inside. Inside we can find the photographs of the winners of the photo contest organized by this winery.

Bermejo La Geria Lanzarote

After leaving Los Bermejos we take the car in the direction of our next stop, in the town of Masdache awaits us Bodegas El Grifo.

El Grifo Wineries

El Grifo also has a large house and is one of the ten oldest wineries in Spain, which has a wine museum that is very interesting to visit.

We return to choose wines, and a little cheese and bread to accompany, this time a brut malvasia, white vinegar, dry malvasia, red Ariana, fruity and Ana muscat. If you like white wines the fruity of the Griffin you have to try it.

In the cellar there are several places to sit and enjoy the wine, but my favorite, if it is not too hot, is the terrace that is almost hidden once you have passed the tasting room.

We left Bodegas El Grifo at our last stop, as the next two wineries we will visit are one in front of the other, Bodegas Rubicón and Bodegas La Geria.

la geria lanzarote vino rubicon

Rubicón Winery

Bodega Rubicón is located in a beautiful farmhouse that has an exhibition hall, tasting room and a restaurant. The store is the first thing we found when entering, high ceilings, stone floors and walls lined with wine bottles.

Next to the store we can also visit a wine press with old presses and other tools for winemaking.

For this wine tasting we chose two dry: a volcanic Malvasia Rubicon, and dry Amalia, also Malvasia, Rubicon pink, Rubicon semidulce mixture of Malvasia and Muscat and to finish, Rubicón Muscat, made with the Muscatel Alexandria variety.

La Geria Winery

After tasting the wines of the Rubicón Winery we went to our last stop, Bodega La Geria, one of the most visited wineries in Spain, this winery also has a wine shop, a restaurant and a souvenir shop.

The wine shop keeps the floor and covers the walls with old wine barrels, as well as several tools for collecting the grapes.

In the background we find the counter where we chose the wines of our last tasting today: a semi-sweet white, sweet volcanic malvasia, a sweet muscat, and of the ancient varieties two authentic delights such as sweet malvasia and sweet muscat. All accompanied with some nuts to snack between tasting and tasting.

la geria lanzarote

As it is the last winery of the day we opted for sweets, but we must not stop trying the rest of the wines offered by the winery.

The variety of wines in Lanzarote is vast and there are many more wineries. So if you have time and you like wine you can always visit La Geria as many times as you want and enjoy the wines offered by this land bathed in volcanic ash.


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