Yaiza’s Celebrations

In the south of the island we find the municipality of Yaiza, one of the largest in extension of the island. The town of Yaiza is the capital of the municipality, sharing with Tinajo the National Park of Timanfaya.

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In 1402, the European conquerors founded the first enclave on the islands in the Rubicón area, known as Montaña Roja (Red Mountain), where they built the Cathedral of San Marcial, the patron saint of the island; although in the 16th century it was destroyed by English pirates. Currently there is a hermitage in Femes dedicated to this Saint.

When visiting Yaiza, we can not avoid looking at its beautiful landscape, its clean streets and its white houses; where the volcanoes of the Fire Mountains, in the background, with their incredible colors, and the blue and black of the Gulf coast to the left, complete the picture when we look at the town from the House of Culture Benito Perez Armas.

This house, located in the Plaza de los Remedios is where the writer and politician Benito Pérez Armas was born, is listed as a monument and various cultural activities are carried out in the rooms surrounding his Canarian patio. It is a clear example of the traditional architecture of the island.

At this moment and until the 10 of September it houses an exhibition of lamps and paintings.

Another typical Canarian house that was restored by the artist Cesar Manrique is the one that currently houses the restaurant of La Era.

At the beginning of September, the celebrations are celebrated in honor of the patron saint of the people, the Virgin of Los Remedios, which began this year on 31 August and will end on 9 September. Being the big day on Friday the 8th, which will culminate with a fireworks show followed by a verbena. Every day there are various religious and recreational events for adults and children.

On the other side of the Plaza de Los Remedios, now decorated for the festivities, is the church of the town, originally built as a hermitage that later served for the construction in 1728 of the current church, inside we can find works that date of the XVIII century.

We can not pass up the opportunity, taking advantage of the parties, to try some of the typical local food at this time, sitting on one of the ‘ventorrillos’ to finish with the typical freshly made sweets such as nougat, bottled almonds or manises pineapples , coconut, almonds or walnuts.

In short, Yaiza is a quiet town and one of the most beautiful of the island, which in festivals bustles with activity, but that any other day of the year can be visited simply to admire their houses and the views from their privileged position.

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