How can I book a trip with you?

Easy, just choose the tour or activity you’re interested in, choose your preferred date from the calendar, and finally introduce your personal data and method of payment.

Is it necessary to book the tours & activities in advance or can I leave it for later?

Tours and activities are not always fully booked, however in high season they can often be booked up early, so we definitely recommend booking in advance to make sure you can do the tour or activity on your desired date. Furthermore, booking in advance will prevent you from last minute price increases due to excessive demand, and will help you to plan your holiday budget better.

Is it safe to book through your website?

In accordance with the spanish data protection law, all transmissions with your personal data between your computer and our servers are protected through https technology, so it is totally safe to book through Furthermore, your payments are managed through a payment gateway of Banco Santander or through Paypal, so we never get to host any of your credit card details.

Can I book over the phone?

Yes, it is also possible to do your booking over the phone on (+34) 928 514 322, during our hours of business from 10:00 to 16:30 from Monday to Sunday. When you call, make sure to have your credit card details ready and provide us with an email address so we can send you the tour or activity voucher as well as the receipt of your payment. Should you be interested, you can also make the booking at any of our offices in Lanzarote or Fuerteventura.

Can I change the date of my tour or activity once it’s booked?

Where there is availability on the new date or new activity that you want to book, you will be able to change your booking. If the change is made less than 48 hours prior to the start of the tour or activity, it is possible that a fee will be incurred. This is determined by each tour & activity supplier. You can read more about our change and cancellation policy by clicking here.

Are there any cancellation fees?

In the case that your cancellation is made less than 48 hours prior to the start of the tour or activity, it is possible that the cancellation can incur a fee. This is determined by each tour & activity supplier. You can read more about our change and cancellation policy by clicking here.

Do I have to show any document in order to be able to do the excursion?

After you make the booking you will receive an email with the confirmation of your booking, and soon after another email with a voucher for the tour or activity and all relevant information like, time of departure or pick up time (if applicable). Print your voucher and hand it over to the tour & activity supplier.

I can’t find the confirmation email or voucher of my booking. What do I do?

Do not worry. Simply drop us a line on or call us on 629 731 293 and we will promptly send you a copy.

I’m waiting at the bus stop or hotel and the bus hasn’t arrived yet. What do I do?

Please wait at least 10-15 minutes after the pick-up time shown on your voucher, and if after that time you have not been collected, please call us on 00 34 629 731 293.

What if the bus never passes by or the tour or activity is finally cancelled?

If for any reason the bus doesn’t pass by after the indicated pick-up time, we will try to find a way to take you to another bus stop or to the point where the tour or activity begins. If this is not possible we will offer you an alternative excursion or to do the same tour or activity on another date. Ultimately, if for any reason that’s not possible, we will refund the full amount that you have paid. For more information please click on our Legal Terms.

How do the vouchers to centres of art, culture and tourism work?

Once you’ve made the booking we will send you a voucher that you need to show in the first centre that you visit. There, you will be given all tickets for the different centres your voucher entitles to. Please check the product page for more details.

Do I need to take my personal documentation to the tour or activity?

Generally you do not need to take your personal documentation (id, driving license) to the tour or activity, unless it is mentioned on the description found on this website.

The tour or activity was not as expected or it was not as described. Where do I claim?

We know that the levels of satisfaction on the tours & activities we offer are very high, but we also know that sometimes there can be mistakes and that there is the possibility of you not being fully satisfied with the service offered by our suppliers. Should this be the case, please do not hesitate to contact us through email, telephone or visiting one of our offices. We will look into your case and find a solution. Should our response not be satisfactory, we have official registered complaint forms, available from our central office, or you can always go to the consumer rights offices and register a complaint there. For more info please click on our Legal Terms.
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