Original Activities in Fuerteventura

Whale and dolphin watching

The Canary Islands are home to 34% of the marine fauna of the whole world, in addition to 29 of the 83 species of cetaceans found in the world. This can only mean that Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are true meccas for sea-animal lovers.

In fact, you’ll be pleased to know that whales and dolphins spend the whole year near Fuerteventura, so it really doesn't matter when you choose to go Whale and Dolphin Watching tour.

Touristticket has a variety of options and excursions to spot cetaceans while in Fuerteventura, so that you can enjoy the adventure of your lifetime. Whether it's a ferry tour from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura, or an outing from Fuerteventura, you will tour the Atlantic waters accompanied by qualified experts, present and ready to answer questions. Imagine all the children’s questions when they see an angel shark through the glass bottom of the boat for the very first time.

This is an excellent excuse to explore the ocean; to spot friendly dolphins, whales, even sharks and many other marine fauna living in these sparkling waters.

Tours and Excursions

There is so much to see in Fuerteventura, including volcanoes and beaches with an exciting history.

If you want to immerse yourself in the many contrasts of the island, the Gran Tour is ideal. This Tour will let you explore the most characteristic places of the island, from the “Dunas de Corralejo” to the village of Betancuria. You will also discover some of the world's best beaches.

If you prefer to do your own thing, you can also sign up for a Buggy Tour, or opt for the brief but intense Fuerteventura Express or, of course, consider touring from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura.

There are also other forms of entertainment, such as routes along the foot of the volcanoes, a Segway Tour through specific areas, food cuisine experiences or, one of the island's more popular attractions, Fuerteventura's astronomy. The night sky of the island boasts thousands and thousands of stars that light up the sky. You can book your seat in the stargazing tour in Fuereteventura.