Tickets for cultural events and theme parks in Fuerteventura

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If you are travelling with the family and are looking for a children’s favourite, the Oasis Park of Fuerteventura is always a winner. Get your tickets now!

Children are always delighted and never disappointed with a place like Fuerteventura; it has so many attractions. From its incredible beaches to its volcanoes, historic cultural villages, surf camps or workshops, Fuerteventura has a bunch of adventures in store for all visitors.

However, an all-time children’s favourite in Fuerteventura is Fuerteventura's Oasis Park. A theme park that is located in the central part of the island, where you can find some 3,000 animals and up to 250 different animal species. You’ll also have the chance to swim with the sea lions, and you can visit the largest camel reserve in Europe. Let the younger family members enjoy the children's area and school farm while you have a drink at the restaurant before heading off to see the macaw parrot or snake shows.

Fun is guaranteed, so buy your tickets online. Don't miss this opportunity and get your tickets now for Fuerteventura's Oasis Park.

Fuerteventura events

Fuerteventura is a fascinating place, where there is always something going on. Visit new places or experience one of the many events that are held throughout the island all year round.

Jazz concerts in La Oliva, aloe vera workshops, artisanal craft markets or surfing events during the summer months are some of the events Fuerteventura has to offer. There is always something to do on this beautiful island, especially if you are travelling with the family.