Sports and outdoor activities - Lanzarote

What Sports to practice in Lanzarote during your holidays?

Enjoying sporting activities on an island with so many beaches, volcanoes and gorgeous panoramas only found in Lanzarote is the perfect way to live new experiences.

Water Sports

Sport varies from one place to another. There are so many different beautiful places around the world, and Lanzarote boasts some of the best places to enjoy sporting activities.  Considered a sports mecca because of its wind, and the gorgeous backdrop of its beaches and volcanoes that paint an ideal picture. Face new physical challenges and enjoy the island’s exciting and unique landscape to its fullest.

If you’re a sporty type, you’ll be happy to know how many options are available when it comes to putting your endurance and abilities to the test with the island’s peaks and depths.

From surfing to paddle surfing or fishing in Lanzarote with local, don't miss out on the many Sports available in Lanzarote.

Paddle surfing

Stand Up Surf has not only become one of the most popular sporting activities, but it has also become a flagship sport of Lanzarote. A new hobby that consists of paddling on a board while improving your balance, speed and reflexes.  

Given Lanzarote’s fabulous coastline, this is an ideal sport for visitors. Our adventures include paddle surf lessons, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. supervised by expert surfers. All you need to do keep your balance and stay upright.... It sounds easy, doesn't it?

Other kayak tours combine diving expeditions in the ocean with other activities, such as yoga or scuba diving; so jump into the water try a level suited to your skills. It’s a different way to explore new goals.

Mountain Bike Tours Fat biking

A fat bike is something more than a conventional bicycle. A special feature that sets it apart is a wider front wheel allowing these bikes to adapt to bumpy trails not found in the urban setting or on smooth tarmac streets.

Something to keep in mind when exploring the deserts of Lanzarote are its volcanic paths or dune fields that go beyond any traveller’s imagination. A fat bike experience in Lanzarote puts your senses to the test, allowing you to stray from the beaten track, to reach places with incredible views, making your way along the foot of volcanoes or skirting gorgeous beaches.

Surfing classes in Lanzarote

Did you know that Lanzarote is considered one of the best places in the world for surfing? A Spanish Hawaii in which the waves of the Atlantic Ocean create new challenges for experienced surfers, as well as beginners in this thrilling sport.

Given that surfing is considered one of the best sports in Lanzarote, there are plenty of different tours and excursions throughout the island tailored to your level, budget and time. The surfing initiation course for beginners teaches the nature of the Island's waves, as well as the best techniques, all under the supervision of members from the Spanish and Canary Islands Surf Federation.  

Where’s the action? Famara beach, one of the best places to surf in Europe. Meet us at the pick-up point nearest to your hotel and let us guide you, teaching you to ride the waves with the help of instructors, who are also available for private lessons.