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After the success of the first and second season of Ángaro, this show returns to Jameos del Agua.

In it music and dance combine to present the traditions of the inhabitants of the Canary Islands. Angaro shows how the songs that arrived by boat to our coasts were fused with indigenous folklore. Instruments such as pianos, violins or horns connected, through time, with the culture of world music.

October 10.

November 25.

23 and 30 December.

Ángaro Show: thrid season

The company Pieles will present us with this work, both classic and modern. Here the sound, the word and the audiovisual language are the protagonists. The cast of artists interacts with the scenery and integrates with the projections. The actors sing and the musicians act.

They use songs, rhythms, words, dances, images and popular knowledge to create a global scene. They make innovative music by using tools for tilling, grinding or planting. Create melodies with stones, woods, water or reeds. And they use animal hooves, bones and tambourines as sound sources.

Thanks to these universal languages, the show can be enjoyed by audiences from any country and language.


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